Israel doesn’t disgust me because millions of Jews live there.

If it were Christians, Hindu’s, Somalians, Scouser’s or in fact any group of people who have been ethnically cleansing, bullying, murdering, imprisoning and depriving the Palestinians of the hopes and aspirations that much of the world takes for granted, they would disgust me. Israel demands recognition by Hamas of Israel as a Jewish state. Why should anyone or any group of people be obligated to recognise another nationality or religion. I demand Israel recognises Palestine as a state and as equal human beings….What difference does it make? It doesn’t, it’s just another excuse to avoid peace. Some statements are only insisted on to confirm victory and gloat over the outcome. They do nothing to clarify or help an agreement

This is the kind of trick Netanyahu and other extremist Israeli government have used for years and if the Palestinians ever get too close to agreeing to a settlement, Israel kills the crucial Palestinian mediator or finds a reason to attack or clamp down on the Palestinians. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out if a deal is struck, that’s the end of Israeli expansion. They can’t use any excuses to flatten a Palestinians home and build a Jewish only home on top of it. No more announcement’s about a 2,000 home development on stolen Palestinian land.

If someone explained the factual history of the conflict, not the Israeli interpretation because they claim the world is against them and don’t like them because they are anti-Semites…The actual verifiable and recorded history …They would say’ You’re having a laugh, aren’t you?’


One thought on “Israel doesn’t disgust me because millions of Jews live there.

  1. hello…..
    i’m tackling this documentry right now…. by chava alberstein

    the poster description under it says :~
    “”highly recommended: this refreshing yet disturbing home-made documentary is made by an israeli truth-seeker. it provides street level perspective and insight on how jews view themselves; on the systematic zionist indoctrination of their children; on “antisemitism”; on fear-mongering arrogance and indoctrination, as well as on the american ADL’s Jewish arrogance and ignorance. in addition, the genuine and sober heart of truly religious jews is presented in stark contrast to the manic zionist madness that possesses many and causes the world to despise jews in general.””

    !seems like an accurate illustration of their wickedness and unmatched evil 2 me!

    ….,satanyahou accuses his minsters of abandoning his war and the political collision,the “israeli” media breaks 1 of its un-signed pacts {dont attack the government during wars,criticize if must},the israeli official tv gloat and broadcasts videos of judeo-nazi’s youths/soldiers dancing in sacrificial ceremonies celebrating the death of infants/tiny palestinian babes!
    i,myself not long ago was so lenient{i’v been told once} 2ward jews in general but as i know better as days go by …it becomes harder 2 differentiate!
    btw the carrot and the stick, they fantasize and drool about enslaving the world as a whole nation!

    tx…4 ur posts ^^

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