Jerusalem Post report.

First, here is the picture accompanying the piece:


And now the words that went with it:

The escalating conflict with Hamas in Gaza has already caused NIS 10 million in property damage, and shuttered businesses across the South.

The Israel Tax Authority has received 99 claims for property damage related to the conflict (35 vehicles, 52 buildings, 12 agriculture-related) since Saturday.

Structural damage?

I’m no expert in building but it would take an awful lot of these to come to the cost of (in my estimation) £1.75 million. Furthermore, if there are so many examples of damage, why is this the one they use? If this is the most dramatic they can provide then it simply reiterates what I’ve been saying for a long time. Hamas rockets are totally ineffectual, barely even registering a useful fear factor.





I vaguely remember playing in things like this when I was a child. There were no air raid shelters required then and if there were, I certainly wouldn’t have put much trust in these.

Would they still be text messaging if the missile that did this, hit them?

Palestinians stand next to a crater which police said was caused by an Israeli air strike in Gaza City

I think not.

The attack on Gaza was based on a lie that Hamas had ordered the murder or abduction of three Israeli students. Hamas were then provoked by the arrest of over 800 supporters and the murder of 10 more. 1300 homes in the West Bank were raided and pillaged by lawless IDF troops whose criminal actions are never called into question. Two homes were demolished.

All this after Netanyahu had claimed he had incontrovertible evidence of Hamas guilt. He has never provided it because he hasn’t got it. It was a lie. Nearly 2000 people died not because Hamas refused a ceasefire brokered by Tony Blair with Egypt and Israel, they weren’t even consulted in it. Another lie. The truth is that just as before, Netanyahu has blood stained hands.


One thought on “Jerusalem Post report.

  1. thank u :}

    i’v read this in the news days ago~haaretz~
    “”the cabinet is expected to declare the gaza strip as enemy territory. a seniors israeli official said the decision would mean that israel would not be liable for damage incurred to residents of the strip as a result of israeli actions during operation protective edge””

    and then i remembered reading this 22 days ago…at june 18…10 days after the operation official starting date~ma’an~
    “”egypt’s president abdel fattah al-sisi and president mahmoud abbas on thursday mulled holding a donors conference to rebuild gaza, the egyptian presidency said””

    …, and its said the world will unite in nxt septemper in norway 2 gather more than 5 billions 2 rebuild gaza knowing the PA says damage is {btw 4-6 billions}….saudie arabia already gave{57 millions 4 red crescent,27 4 the health ministry} pledged 4 {another 80,}….UNRWA asking 4 an immediate {187 millions}

    can we spot the accomplice? who pays out of guilt?
    the israelites got no worries! the khaliji wealthy chums will give them that from the side of their pockets as tokens! :/

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