They don’t want peace … (Mr Cox part 2)

Mr Cox responded with, ‘they don’t want peace’. After much thought, I will now put those well used words where they belong, in the bin. During the three attacks on Gaza in the last six years, Israel have destroyed at least 1500 homes and severely damaged in the region of 6,000. Hundreds of business premises have been destroyed, including a farm that housed a million chickens. In the latest attack a biscuit factory employing 600 people was flattened.


How would we feel coming home to see this (that is of course if we did get home to see this – Israel bombed dozens of UN safe facilities despite knowing the co-ordinates of every single one) ?

I think it can be safely said that literally thousands of jobs have been at least temporarily lost. This tiny little region simply cannot afford to lose any jobs. The economy has slowly been strangled by Israel during the 7 year blockade, considering every single item has to be approved by the Israelis or it doesn’t get in. We have access to any household item as long as we have the money, these people are deprived of basic everyday goods, because Israel decided they should be. They have a couple of hours of electric on a good day, their sewage system has been destroyed by Israel and 90% of their water is unfit for human consumption. Raw sewage is having to be emptied into the sea and although agreed fishing rights allow them to fish up to 25 miles out, the Israeli navy routinely attack them if they go over 3 miles out.

The children in Gaza cannot dream because the nightmares keep them awake. The kids in the West Bank are generally not as unfortunate , their dreams are stamped out by having to wait at Israeli checkpoints instead of being in class, denying them basic education. Other young Palestinians would get educated if they could only get past the gun toting settlers that block their routes to school every morning.

These conditions constitute an open air prison but even convicts are supplied reasonable food and living conditions. I imagine the ‘they don’t want peace’ statement evolves from ‘Hamas fires hundreds of rockets into Israel’, which is on our news nightly but what is omitted from these programs is the Israeli provocation. Targeted assassinations, pre-emptive attacks on members of Hamas (claiming they were about to commit a terrorist act), curfews that last for days on end where people aren’t allowed to leave their homes and allocating areas a Military Zone which allows them to force people out of their homes for days on end at short notice. Basically, they are being deliberately deprived of their most fundamental human rights, not because of their geographical position or because of their own shortcomings but because Israel holds the keys to their prison and monitors them 24/7.

The rockets…

…Are a token gesture of resistance, they aren’t by any means a serious military threat to Israel, they are a nuisance. Most of them fall harmlessly to earth in the desert areas before they even reach Israeli towns.



They look quite impressive, don’t they? The same could be said of an organised firework display on a cold November night here in the UK.

This is the kind of damage they are capable of when they land.


amigour sderot 5

Not very effective …..Let’s try another angle

amigour sderot 6


I wouldn’t want one to hit me on my head but you would have to be very unlucky for that to happen. In fact while the Israelis have been slaughtering Palestinians on a daily basis, resistance rockets have been very low down the Israel list of ‘dangers to life’. Rocket attacks are much less dangerous than driving cars, going to work and DIY renovations to Israelis.

‘they don’t want peace’……  Give me a break, they’d grab it with both hands …If it was genuinely offered.

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