Let’s not discuss the slaughter of hundreds of kids and other INNOCENT civilians… What about the rise in Anti-Semitism?

Hundreds of slaughtered civilians and thousands of maimed ones too. The devastation in Gaza is truly shocking. Whole neighbourhoods flattened. Thousands of people who were living within the Israeli prison called Gaza didn’t have a lot but they’ve got nothing now. Their homes and all their possessions gone. The ‘life saving’ warnings from the IDF were haphazard. The time between the warning and the strike varied. Apart from that, what would you collect given a similar warning? These aren’t terrorists or criminals, they are just normal people like we are, trying to make their way in life. Most people don’t want to be political. Politics are boring, they want to educate themselves, work for a living, enjoy their free time, not campaign for this, that or the other. They want to see their children grow up …. The lies repeated by the Israelis that Palestinians love death as much as they love life is pure fabrication, probably to make them feel better with regards killing so many.

So considering all the life changing events that have happened to the Palestinians, directly because of Israel, you would think Jewish proponents of violence would keep a low profile. Israeli supporters’ claims that ‘It was Hamas that started the war’ is another pure fabrication. Hamas have abided by every ceasefire to the letter, it’s Israel who has broken EVERY agreement by either attacking the Palestinians or not keeping their promises over previous settlements. For instance easing the blockade, they agreed to it but never did it.

Hearing all the cries about anti-Semitism is a little thoughtless considering the trauma the Palestinians are enduring. Yes, any kind of prejudices due to religion, ethnicity, colour, creed or anything else is disgraceful but isn’t it Netanyahu who insists on calling Israel a Jewish State? You can’t have your cake and eat it (old English proverb).

Reports of IS  rounding up single women to be married to IS  fighters would be funny if it wasn’t so sick. It looks from here as if IS  are making up the rules as they go along. Maybe finding brides is part of the sales technique now being used to tempt young men from around the world to take up the IS ™ ideology? Why don’t they just socialise, it would be much more civilised and easier. Of course, the fact that almost every move IS ™ has made thus far has been of huge benefit to Israel would have gone unnoticed by these wife seeking mass murderers. Can’t they see that they are almost a mirror or the IDF with their total disregard for other human beings. I’m no expert on religion but I doubt there is anything in mainstream religious literature that can remotely justify their recent crimes. I wonder if they are given application forms to fill in concerning their wife preferences?

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