The incredible name changing IS ™

Formerly known as ISIS, the latest name change is to an even simpler ‘IS’. When IS lurched towards the Kurdish region and in particular the hundreds of employees working for US and British oil companies in Idlib, I wondered how far they would go. IS are not the US/UK/Israel enemy they are purported to be. For starters, the US and UK have been helping to train them and the Israelis have been treating their wounded as well as the numerous attacks to their benefit on Assad. The numerous statements released about only helping moderate anti Assad forces is bullshit. The situation changes quickly and so do the allegiances. Al Nusra, IS and the so called Free Syrian Army have clashed on numerous occasions and the ‘foot soldiers’ can jump from one entity to another for many different reasons. The recent ‘find a bride’ initiative by IS will probably be a game changer in the fundamental maniacs very competitive arena. It seems that IS have all the good initiatives (as you can see further down at the photos). For example,  uniforms (those black clothes are always impressively ‘black’) are appealing to young gullible people, it gives them a feeling of ‘belonging’. Then there are the far superior weapons that the Americans arranged for them to collect, via the Iraqi forces that were clearly better suited to intelligence duties the way they melted in to the civilian population. They left behind uniforms and weapons estimated to be worth billions of dollars. Here’s a  recent photo op somewhere in the desert (the Iraqi uniforms will come in useful for future atrocities).




Impressive eh?



I can’t help but be amazed at their ability to stay clean. Impeccable uniforms for such dusty and blood drenched climate. Saatchi & Saatchi are amateurs compared to these people.



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