What is actually meant by ‘UK considers arming Iraqi Kurds’

Does Cameron mean give them the weapons at UK taxpayers expense? Pay for them out of his own pocket? The Iraqi Kurds pay for them? IMF/UN pay for them? Moreover, why are so many countries suddenly offering the Kurds weapons? The Islamic State became established during the Syrian conflict, the same Syrians that the West very nearly came to bombing. IS, which you or  I might have been unaware of at the time, were part of the Free Syrian Army. We have been helping the FSA since BEFORE the bogus Syrian uprising and the intelligence services knew very well that IS/ISIS were a substantial section of the FSA. Or have they just found out? If British Police are being used undercover for marginally anti-establishment groups here in the UK, there is no doubt intelligence agencies will have spies in Al Nusra, IS and the likes. So denial is less than pathetic. We can assume that our governments know only too well what is really happening.

We bolster, train, and arm (albeit indirectly according to official denials) IS then a few months down the line we are itching to give the next group of people in the cross hairs of IS weapons to fight them. I think our foreign policy is screwed up, unless it’s just to create arms sales for UK weapons manufacturers.

A  short term memory loss is required for this ‘game’ to work. We need to forget the billions of dollars worth of weapons abandoned by the Iraqi Army that were then collected by IS as they strolled across vast areas of Iraq.


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