Failed assassination attempt.

Israel have failed in an attempt to kill a leader of Hamas but they succeeded in killing his wife and child. From the BBC:

Hamas says the wife and child of its military commander, Mohammed Deif, have been killed in an Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip.

So during attempts to secure a long term deal with Hamas, Israel are trying to kill the very people they are sitting across a table from? Would you negotiate with someone who just killed your family in an attempt to kill you?  Why are the Palestinians expected to accept this kind of behaviour yet Israel starts a ground invasion because of things like this:hamas-rocket


I’ve encountered more dangerous objects driving home from work. I don’t even think the local council would bother doing anything about the road surface from this impact.

Israelis take cover on the side of a road as a siren sounds warning of incoming rockets outside the northern Gaza Strip


And what’s all this about?

The over inflated, implied danger to Israelis is a ruse. The devastation they inflict on Gaza in particular cannot be compared to the occasional inconvenience of a rocket siren sounding. In fact, I’m no hero but I would stand in the open space of Israel content in knowing that I would not be hit by one of these over elaborate fireworks. That’s with the Iron Dome off. The ‘miserable lives living under siren warnings’ is nothing more than a gross exaggeration to justify killing the likes of Mohammed Deif’s family.

Its an absolute disgrace that the majority of the world governments accept this kind of state murder, whether it be by Israel or anyone else.

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