What kind of people would create this kind of destruction on an open air prison? (Gaza)

You would have to be a very sick person indeed to inflict this kind of destruction, even on your worst enemy.


You would have to be some kind of psychopath.


 With absolutely no regard for the hundreds of innocent people who were made homeless, most of who have never so much as thrown a stone at an Israeli.


 It’s difficult to imagine just how depraved someone has to be to inflict these conditions on their fellow human beings.


Words are hard to find to express the horror these people are suffering. Auschwitz didn’t get bombed like this and that’s the only clue I can give you. On the other hand, maybe now is the time to stop being polite. How can the guilty Jews who took part in this recent crime tell other people to reflect and respect what happened to their parents and grand parents all those years ago? Collectively look in the mirror, Israel. If the above images are what the vast majority of Israeli Jews and their supporters think is a justifiable response to this:



…. Then who are they to criticise the Nazis?







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