…Did IS/ISIS (Islamic State) attack Syria when surely if they were so concerned with the well being of their fellow Muslims, Israeli oppression of Palestinians was far more urgent? Don’t IS think that sixty plus years of crimes inflicted on the Palestinians isn’t enough to justify their intervention? No, the real reason is that IS are completely and utterly bogus. They were invented to create Oded Yinon’s plan of the fragmentation of Israel’s neighbours to stop them being a perceived threat. The reality is that all the close by countries combined could not disturb Israelis military domination, especially of the skies. The only way Israel would have incurred the wrath of neighbours is by being aggressive. Maybe that is the reason they want their ‘enemies’ weakened………. As I’ve said before, it puzzles me that so many educated people have been fooled by this Islamic Caliphate fraud. Maybe there are some very persuasive people looking after Israeli interests around the world.


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