Gaza conflict: Erez crossing ‘attacked’ .

The subject header of this post is part of a BBC headline stating that Erez crossing had been closed due to rocket attacks from Gaza. So I did a Google web search and then an image search, neither of which produced any evidence of rocket attacks on Erez. Similarly, for all the thousands of rockets Gaza resistance have allegedly fired at Israel the web has remarkably few images of them. So we are having to rely on the integrity of the Israeli government and despite rarely providing evidence, believe their claims. Call me a cynic but Israeli spokespersons do not fill me with confidence, especially when you consider the lies and cover ups concerning the three Israeli students, who were known to be dead but that didn’t stop Israeli forces raiding 1200 West Bank homes and starting a ‘bring our boys home’ campaign. The rocket claims could be easily verified if independent observers were allowed access to various locations in Gaza and Israel. I do not believe Hamas would object to unbiased observers on the ground in the area but you can bet the Israelis wouldn’t allow it.


This is Alaa Abu Zeid in a hospital in East Jerusalem. Allison Deger from Modoweiss has reported that most of her family including her pregnant mother was killed by an Israeli air strike but because of her fragile state, had to keep the news of their deaths from her for a week. The report goes on to show pictures of young people who were seriously hurt during Israel’s murderous campaign but sadly these are only the tip of the iceberg. If you were a relative of hers, would you forgive and forget, watching her grow up in such sad circumstances? I wouldn’t, I’d fight the perpetrators until my last breath. The people that did this are psychopaths, there is no other word for it. When crimes like this are supported by almost 90% of Israeli Jews, it constitutes a serious problem. That’s a hell of a lot of psychopaths. All this misery is triggered by claims of thousands of rockets fired at Israel, very few of which are supported by any kind of evidence.

2 thoughts on “Gaza conflict: Erez crossing ‘attacked’ .

  1. g’day :}

    ,….the palestinian cause is an EXCEPTION in its every aspect…it get resembled in 1 feature or another 2 a-past human tragedy{warsow ghetto, berlin wall, south african apartheid…etc…etc} but palestinians living it all combined,,… its enforced on palestinians 2 endure the unbearable in 1-lifetime!
    ,….and palestinian children r NO-EXCEPTION living all the contradictions,the complexity of the conflict and the consequence r effecting them directly,its casted on them from the second they get conceived in their mothers wombs,imposed on them from babyhood,it whirl and twirls in an effort 2 systemically victimize them,…life has shown them its worst once it shocked them,once they get exposed 2 its brutality!
    they get molded in young age 2 be life survivors….young as 3/4 they speak more articulately and fluently about their struggle than ur usual 21{come 2 age} un-convicted men/women….they’r destined 2 carry a burden that a full grown individuals cant put their heads around no matter how life-experienced they’r!
    its an unfair maturity thats wavering their right of living a healthy happy childhood,it narrows their chances and stripping them of being NORMAL{by standards!}
    they’r skipping life stages rapidly from being an unaware infants in2 drained and dire of all hopes elderlies,it forces the immersion in despair!

    the axiom rights of children r a distant un-realistic grail in palestine,unrecognized not by the palestinian society but from our aggressor whom superior 2 earthly justice :/ legally,morally and consciously “israel” is the main factor of altering/terminating the life-means of every palestinian since 150years{at least!}

    tho they’r un-humanly marginalized {LOST CHILDHOOD-STOLEN} and no matter how crude our enemy is,i see a rebellious SPARK they cant extinguish :} pride,fire and fury! they’l REIN……its their responsibility 2 act bravely against their oppressor and those ripped off dreams arent going in vein!

    thank u =^,^=

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