2 comments on “Gaza conflict: Erez crossing ‘attacked’ .

  1. g’day :}

    ,….the palestinian cause is an EXCEPTION in its every aspect…it get resembled in 1 feature or another 2 a-past human tragedy{warsow ghetto, berlin wall, south african apartheid…etc…etc} but palestinians living it all combined,,… its enforced on palestinians 2 endure the unbearable in 1-lifetime!
    ,….and palestinian children r NO-EXCEPTION living all the contradictions,the complexity of the conflict and the consequence r effecting them directly,its casted on them from the second they get conceived in their mothers wombs,imposed on them from babyhood,it whirl and twirls in an effort 2 systemically victimize them,…life has shown them its worst once it shocked them,once they get exposed 2 its brutality!
    they get molded in young age 2 be life survivors….young as 3/4 they speak more articulately and fluently about their struggle than ur usual 21{come 2 age} un-convicted men/women….they’r destined 2 carry a burden that a full grown individuals cant put their heads around no matter how life-experienced they’r!
    its an unfair maturity thats wavering their right of living a healthy happy childhood,it narrows their chances and stripping them of being NORMAL{by standards!}
    they’r skipping life stages rapidly from being an unaware infants in2 drained and dire of all hopes elderlies,it forces the immersion in despair!

    the axiom rights of children r a distant un-realistic grail in palestine,unrecognized not by the palestinian society but from our aggressor whom superior 2 earthly justice :/ legally,morally and consciously “israel” is the main factor of altering/terminating the life-means of every palestinian since 150years{at least!}

    tho they’r un-humanly marginalized {LOST CHILDHOOD-STOLEN} and no matter how crude our enemy is,i see a rebellious SPARK they cant extinguish :} pride,fire and fury! they’l REIN……its their responsibility 2 act bravely against their oppressor and those ripped off dreams arent going in vein!

    thank u =^,^=

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