Bogus terrorism.

Israeli’s suffer perpetual bogus terrorism syndrome. Most governments wants us all to suffer from it so that they can ‘protect us’ from the constant threat of those awful terrorists. We, like the Israelis are far more likely to die natural deaths, typically human disease related or from fatal accidents whilst doing home improvements or in road traffic accidents, perhaps. The one thing we shouldn’t worry about is terrorism, because it’s so statistically unlikely that it’s rendered none existent. So what’s the purpose of the horror stories of dirty bombs and blood thirsty extremists? More to the point, why do we totally ignore the real victims of terrorism….

The vast majority of real victims are of course living in regions with valuable resources and are usually not of pinky white skin colour and this is one of the reasons we ignore their suffering, most white people don’t give a second thought to ‘brown’ babies. Even though these victims live in very similar cohesive social environments as we do, ‘we’ don’t quite think they can possibly hurt as much as we do or that they aren’t as affected as we would be. Yes they have very different customs and habits to ours but apart from this aspect they are just the same as us. In many places they have to live under constant surveillance by drones, never knowing if their home has been selected to be flattened and all who live in it exterminated. That’s what I call terrorism.

Just because Obama, Cameron, or Hollande has ordered it doesn’t make any less of an act of terrorism. In fact, aren’t we supposed to be the civilised ones? The last terrorism we suffered was the tube bombings. Blair wouldn’t allow a proper investigation and none of the bodies endured autopsies, which was very odd. Tony knew best, eh? Anyhow, I digress.

So why do we terrorise these foreigners, think we’re better than them and then claim they want to kill us ‘because of our freedom’? We terrorise them to steal their resources, it’s kind of a distraction. Then when they try to stand up for themselves we call them savages and then spend lots of tax revenue (generally paid by the working classes) to buy highly technical weapons to bomb the shit out of them. It’s the same as when there is a war, it’s the working classes that die in them. It’s the ruling classes that decide the wars, normally to line their own pockets at our expense. It’s been going on for hundreds of years under various disguises but we don’t seem to have found a way to stop the cycle. If we cut the stinking rich out of this equation, we could all live perfectly comfortable, meaningful lives.

They know just how to keep us distracted, using very basic templates and adjusting it according to how questioning, inquisitive or how capable we are of critical thinking we might be. They aren’t super intelligent, we just don’t use our intelligence to change things.

Initially, my intention in this post was to differentiate between our imaginary perception of terrorism and the very real terrorism we are encouraging Israel to indulge in with regards the Palestinians. One day, the disregard we have for people just like us on the other side of the world will be mirrored and when it does, we can only hope we discover a resilience and determination comparable to the Palestinians and absolutely not like their thieving neighbours.


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