Mr Obama, you tell more lies than Mr Bush.

From the moment he claimed the Palestinians should be treated much fairer soon after he became President, Obama has told lots of lies. However, his most recent ones are probably his worst.

He claimed Assad soldiers had used chemical weapons on his own people. This has since turned out to be total fabrication and now it is generally accepted that it was the so called moderate FSA that committed the atrocity. Despite this CW attack, he continued to support the FSA, supplying them with weapons and training. McCain even visited Syria illegally and met with a man who looks very much like the leader of the Islamic State. This act of treason by McCain proves to me just how corrupt worldwide politics are. If he’s so friendly with Obama to go and do his bidding in Syria it makes sense that he was his fall guy for the presidency. A stage prop.

He condemned Hamas and then demanded they return the IDF soldier they had allegedly captured (not kidnapped, soldiers are allowed to be taken prisoner of war to stop them killing the capturers). There was  slight problem, Hamas hadn’t captured anyone. He was so eager to do Netanyahu’s boot polishing, he jumped the gun.

He lied about saving the Iraqi’s that were fleeing into the mountains. He was much more concerned with his corporate friends oil assets in the Kurdish areas.

He claimed Russian separatists had blown a Malaysian passenger jet out of the sky. Just a quick search on Google leaves this particular lie in tatters. It’s been proven that two fighter jets attacking the plane from opposing sides brought the plane down. Only Ukrainian jets were close to that location and Obama has been silent about this accusation for weeks now.


2 thoughts on “Mr Obama, you tell more lies than Mr Bush.

  1. g’day 2 u :}

    theres a policy widely played by the US since the 50s~its called{the brinkmanship} adapted at 1st in order 2 blakmail the USSR,a policy they master 2 our day….either u surrender 2 our terms or u’l be pushed in2 the falling edge{THIS IS SPARTA SHOVE MOMENT!} yet they fail 2 understand that this is an inferno and it’l leave no1 behind! it’l eat up wuts thrown 2 it and it’l turn in2 its warlock! :}
    the US policies also arent providence! they experience fluctuations and transformations in their methods as it goes by cuz of the constant variables but its aim stays undeterred ~prevailing as the strongest nation~ and wut failed under the arrogance militarily occupation r now sought 2 be ensured by a O’s democratic{soft power} the idealistic democracy!

    ,….the presidential job itself r limited in2 that, starting from colonizing and ending with monopolizing and O have 2 employ all his convictions and expertise as a politician in2 an strategy that advertises his country as a saviour 2 human-kind under the motto of “freedom/democracy/legitimacy”,,,he’s playing the thin margin line btw serving the US in 1 hand and “israel” in the other!
    some would say that O has established an amerikan political approach that differentiate him from his predecessors and serves the zionists best interests{as planned} without engaging in an immediate ground combats that destroys minimum soldiers lives{0 causality rate} and with lesser budget there4 it’l heal his country’s wounds of consecutive defeats in vietnam,afghanistan,iraq…..yet O is offering 2 the world nuthing other than wut it was giving b4 by bush,regan,nixon,clinton…etc! ,….political courtesies 2 USA allies isnt genuine in its core,expressions of fear from terror factors,disturbance statements by how the world lapses and falling in2 the grips of the extremists,procrastination in the palestinian cause{most importantly} and many others!

    O is convinced as he states that the previous battles,cold wars is wut exhausted his country’s reputation and finance and cost it many PRECIOUS amerikan lives…and also he preaches that the equitableness in the national relations and societies is the only way in2 peace and prosper -> its absence leads in2 swamps and a a ripe environment 4 terrorism,chaos and violence{seems reasonable! no?}
    frustration generates an explosion,narrowing the means of living which’l drive ppl in2 confrontation with governments and the ignition of revolutions ,….he also follows that up and says that the slacking in taming those uprisings is unacceptable!
    those r full comprehended FACTS 2 us and 2 MR.O! it dosent need a skillful politician 2 analyze that! but repression develops a championed freedom by the will of those whom oppressed! thats A GREATER PROVEN FACT!
    ethicality has no place in politics,if u think u’l change the world by being righteous then ROLL-OVER! power stains its seekers beyond redemption :} mr.o was an ambitious world-changer{as all beginners r} but as u play the game,u have 2 sell ur soul ^^

  2. as 4 gaza :} O,GAZA!
    gaza won after 51 days of savagery,the resistance won after weeks of battling on the front-lines,we got out from the media out-let tunnel that was bargaining at its victory following their sponsors general mood 2ward the palestinian dilemma,
    we’r out of the sorrow which hid our defeatism underneath it…where we turned in2 salt statues behind our hd tv screens and computers in anguish and shivering agony,mourning our babies,cursing governments and their complicity and deficiency with our complete admission 2 ourself that “we’r helpless 2 change the course of events”
    i got overwhelmed by the “happiness” they spontaneously expressed and the ability 2 muster heart-warming smiles from their crushed/aching and wrenched hearts,going out 2 the streets waving flags,handing sweets 2 eachothers…that was a victory 4 all of u!
    declaring victory by gaza’s ppl was a civil testament sent 2 the zinonist entity and their devotee alliances all over this round-rock that no matter how mighty our enemy is~deep craved in our souls theres a flaming torch its name “RESISTANCE”
    GAZA NEEDS NO O NO A NO B NO S ,,,, NEEDS NO ALPHABETICAL treasonists and collaborationists personas 2 defend it,palestine is 4 its children and its luvs1s :}

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