Destruction beyond words.

I just read this from Maan News Agency. It’s a very grim report and even worse than I thought.

-Eight thousand eight hundred homes have been destroyed beyond repair and 7,900 have been partially destroyed and are uninhabitable. Entire residential neighborhoods have been demolished, especially in the border areas of Shujaiyya in eastern Gaza City, Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya in northern Gaza, and Khuzaa, Abasan, and Rafah in the southeast of the Gaza Strip.

-Many of the estimated 475,000 people who were forced to leave their homes and take refuge in United Nations Refugee and Works Agency and government schools as well as in public parks and churches will not be able to return to their homes, as they have been rendered uninhabitable. These people have lost not only their homes but also all their possessions, including furniture, clothes, cars, and official documents.

-Tanks containing 300,000 liters of industrial fuel allocated for the sole power generation station in the Gaza Strip were destroyed and the power plant knocked out. Without power, food supplies spoil, the water supply to households is interrupted, sewage cannot be treated, and hospitals are forced to rely on uncertain generators. Moreover, eight of the 10 power lines originating in Israel and feeding the Gaza Strip were severed, bringing down the power supply imported from Israel from 120 Megawatts to less than 30 MW.

-The extensive damage that has been done to infrastructure, including roads, electric and water grids, and sewage networks, has yet to be estimated. And dozens of water wells and sewage plants have been destroyed, posing a potential environmental and health disaster.

-Dozens of factories and commercial establishments have been destroyed, including stores, fuel stations, and ready-mix concrete plants in the border region and in the industrial zone of Beit Hanoun. Israeli military forces have bulldozed thousands of dunums of cultivated land and greenhouses in the border areas under the pretext of targeting tunnels.

-Based on preliminary reports, many government institutions have also been hit, including the ministries of finance, interior, and religious endowments (awqaf) as well as the General Personnel Council, in addition to dozens of mosques. In the process, official documents and records, difficult or impossible to retrieve, were destroyed.

A full assessment is certain to reveal a much higher magnitude of devastation. The efforts to address the consequences of this war may face almost insurmountable obstacles.

Maximum destruction.

This assessment is devastating news. It means normality will not return for many of these people for years and years, if at all. This is quite clearly a crime against humanity committed not just by Israel but aided and abetted by the US and the UK amongst others.

Meanwhile, Israel continue to heap even more misery on the Palestinians. Initially, I wasn’t so sure that this attack on Gaza had resulted in at least a political defeat for Netanyahu until I read that Israel has just seized a thousand acres of Palestinian land from the West Bank and are also withholding $55 million in taxes they collect on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. The land grab is being blamed on the three student murders and Netanyahu is certainly squeezing every last drop out of those hapless victims. It’s a shame he’s not being so diligent in providing all the alleged evidence of Hamas involvement in the murders. I can only imagine that the relatives have been silenced by nationalistic fervour or bribes. What I do know is that I would never allow the death of a relative of mine to be used in such a shameful manner.



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