George Galloway

The number of people praising the attack on George Galloway is astonishing. I’ve never heard him condone or encourage violence towards civilians. He might have said something to the effect of ‘hoping the IDF get a bloody nose’ but I think considering the violence they inflict on others, that’s hardly shocking.

His attacker was Neil Masterson, the loyal Citeh (Manchester City) fan from Preston who even wears the Etihad motif bearing club shirt. I wonder if he knows that he’s advertising an Abu Dhabi Airways.. Probably not, he doesn’t look too bright and with his previous threats aimed at Mr Galloway mentioning killing him, let’s hope he’s looking at a very long stretch in prison. When he comes out he should support his clubs sponsors and get a one way ticket to Israel. He might have a bit of a problem there with him being Roman Catholic and he won’t be encouraged by financial incentives given to ‘certain’ people that move to Israel. If he receives similar treatment to other Christians, I doubt he’d stay there long.

I wonder if he’s thought about the Manchester clubs good fortune in having a wealthy, middle eastern Muslim as it’s patron. They would probably still be languishing in the second or third tier of English football, just like his home town club, Preston. It seems he has no pride in where he’s from on several different levels. Supporting and praising a foreign military is a strange thing to do. Opting to support a football club 20 or 30 miles away instead of your own local club indicates a glory hunter. He should have chosen the other Manchester club. As I said, he doesn’t look too bright.


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