Ceasefire repeatedly broken by Israel.

Here is a tweet from @layan.baker

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I’m assuming no structure nor a time scale was put in place to make sure the Israelis stuck to their side of the bargain. If that is the case, Abbas has some serious questions to answer from the safety and luxury of his home(s). History tells us that Israeli leaders are compulsive liars and it would be naive indeed to take their word for something…..Without getting real assurances.

Sisi having control of Egypt is wonderful for Israel. As well as having a hatred of Palestinians, he also can’t do enough to please his sponsors. If Mossad themselves had designed an Egyptian leader, they couldn’t have done a better job of Sisi. He has destroyed the only way to purchase goods from the outside world with his policy on the tunnels from Gaza into Egypt. He has an iron grip on Egypt, just as Mubarak before him.

Our politicians are silent and yet would soon find their voices if a rocket found its way to harmlessly land in the Negev. In my view, it’s time to put the squeeze on Israel the only way that can work. Not only boycott Israeli products but goods from any company that invests in Israel. In fact, any significant connection to Israel should result in avoiding certain manufacturers. Target any company that will quickly disassociate itself from Israel at the merest criticism. Public buying power needs to support the Palestinian people now because our democratic process has failed them completely.

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