GoFundMe ……To be a violent Nazi

Neil Masterson is nothing other than an uncouth, dim witted, dope smoking, terrorism supporting thug and it seems that gofundme , a do it yourself fundraising website doesn’t differentiate between a good cause and a common criminal, attempting to raise money to pay for his legal defence when he is in actual fact eligible for legal aid (which means his legal costs are free in the UK). So some bright spark has started this gofundme scam to raise money for the bloke that attacked George Galloway. Now think what you will of Galloway, and he is quite outspoken but I can think of dozens of politicians who are outspoken and they aren’t attacked. What makes it worse is that he is being praised by a large number of the Jewish community.

Lets turn it round and consider if it was Gerald Kaufman who was attacked by a none Jew and been abused with comments such as ‘I wish Hitler had done the job properly on you lot’, would Mr Kaufman have to endure a further torrent of abuse from supporters of the assailant and then watch the attacker be complimented and even have a fundraiser created for him? It’s a preposterous suggestion however, Mr Kaufman is one of Galloway’s colleagues that (as far as I know) hasn’t condemned the attack or conveyed his sympathies to the victim. Apparently, Ed Miliband walked straight past him today, so maybe he’s another Jew that approves the assault.

There are plenty of rumours about Masterson. There are differing reports on his religion and whether he’d been in the IDF or not. Apparently he’s a carer for a middle aged woman with memory problems and she would struggle without Mastersons assistance. He should have thought about that before he set about Galloway.

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