Thanks to the Islamic State, Obama and Cameron have their excuse to attack Assad.

Isn’t it strange how the Islamic State seem to do the right thing for our politicians to react to. The beheading’s have given Obama and Cameron the opportunity to get into the Syrian civil war by the back door with some former British Generals even appealing for British troops on the ground. Australia has committed 600 troops (I assume Australia feels threatened by these events in Syria and Iraq).

Arm the Peshmerga! (their friendly relations with Israel will produce an excellent supply of oil for the criminal Jewish nation).

Arm the moderate FSA! (even though it’s been conclusively proven that there is no ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels. The revolution was a British orchestrated event that was planned two years before it happened).

I could accept intervention if there was a genuine humanitarian reason for it. But there never is. Research it yourself, you’ll conclude the same.

Look at the Yazidi’s crisis. Did you see thousands of them on a mountain top? I saw hundreds, but not thousands. The US were worried that the IS were getting too close to their oil assets in Kirkuk. They were probably concerned the Israelis weren’t going to get their oil from the region too. For the Yazidis? Don’t make me laugh.

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