Western moves on Syria mark II.

It’s beginning to look like the Islamic State expansion into Iraq and the incredibly shoddy beheading videos were the pretext for another Western attack on Syria. Qatar had planned to build a pipeline across Syria to supply Europe with gas and with Assad in power that couldn’t happen. So now Obama and his useful idiots in the Islamic State have created the situation whereby pretending to go after IS, they can really try to assist the Free Syrian Army and degrade Syrian defences. I hope Assad is prepared for what might be about to happen. I wonder how the legion of travelling Jihadis will feel when they realise that they and their terrorist mates have been dying for Israel and the US.

Of course, the real aim is to is to fragment yet another close neighbour to Israel …Divide and conquer is what Israel have decided they need to weaken any opposition to their military might. An added bonus for Obama would be that he thinks it will significantly weaken Russia economically at the same time.

It would appear that Russia are a step in front of Obama and his goons, having already made moves to trade with other countries, leaving the West to their own devices. After being conned over Libya, Putin has become much more astute with regards to Obama and his pals.

Meanwhile, the war talk has probably put a nail in the coffin of Cameron’s union hopes. For many wavering Scottish voters, the threat of yet another attack on a country that is no threat to us will hopefully create a final push of ‘Yes’ votes. After the games the English have played on them during this campaign for Scottish independence, the Scots will be more than cynical about the recent convenient flurry of beheading’s.

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