2 comments on “A list of Israeli peace deal violations.

  1. g”day :}

    “israel” is hopping from battle2battle ~56, 67{disastrous on arabs}, 73{where syrian and egyptian army hit israel in its core, almost achieved a crucial turn-over and shattered the israeli myth of easy-wins!}~
    ,…all-but “”saddat” whom kneel-ed 2the_zinost when he visited jerusalem in 78 and with that israel thought 73 was their last battle with the weak traitorous arabs!
    2be proven wrong when 82 came along followed by the lebanese resistance overthrow-ing israel from beirut and its southern and 2be thrashed again in 2006!

    ,…at the palestinian front since the_zionists possessed their determination on palestine 2be their promised-land centuries ago~that land and its ppl hasnt lived any form of stability nor witnessed a-day without being harassed and prosecuted….,
    the 1ST intifada inflamed and evaporated in oslo, followed by the 2nd intifada instigating and crashing the “peace of the braves” delusion!
    onward…. 2008,2012,2104 on gaza occurred with the israeli aspiration that palestinians would surrender in wreckages and vanish if possible BUT that stake yet 2 be attained and the battles r continuously sequencing and until they’r gone the palestinians will be living in a snake-pit and going thro casted torturous brutality united in gaza, west-bank, palestine48 and as refugees …all r inseparable behind a 4colored flag even if political parties r separate in their visionary paths!
    all our hearts follows a compass called PALESTINE and the GLORY NO-DOUBT IS THEIRS-the rubble and rocks legends! whom pay the freedom price in sacrifices, blood rivers, burning tears and abandoned in the midst of this world cruelty …4gotten and all alone :/

    thank u 4 a smart post{at 1st i thought the underline is 2 highlight the ACTION but at my 2nd visit i figured~it lead in2 an external links} ^^
    oh! it could be a well-known blogging method but its new 2 me :~d

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