Blair’s unquenchable thirst for more Muslim blood.

Not content with his murderous regimes involvement in Iraq, Tony Blair has again been urging Obama and his lapdogs to kill more Arabs. The BBC accommodated his extremist views like they always do. Make no bones about it, Blair is as bad, if not worse than the those evil head choppers of ISIS, ISIL, IS , Islamic Caliphate or whatever you want to call them. Unlike the BBC, production has got to be vastly improved by these dastardly terrorists, as any independent thinker who has seen these amateurish attempts to frighten people would probably agree. The orange overalls are getting a bit dated and Jihad John is totally unbelievable in his role as chief head chopper. Ali G would surely have done a much better job.

Blair is part of the Obama/Cameron push for war against Syria after the allegations of chemical weapons use by Assad were unequivocal proven to be lies (apart from the likes of Brown Moses, the Leicester chemical weapons expert who is paid by some little known think tank, probably). The US and UK public didn’t believe it and that’s why the new series of Jihad John have been produced. Sadly, the death of Alan Henning is unstoppable. This is from the Daily Mail:

ISIS were ‘tipped off’ about British hostage Alan Henning’s aid mission to Syria and seized him just half an hour after he entered the country, it has emerged.

Tipped off, eh? By whom, I wonder? Another hostage, John Cantlie was responsible for the collapse of a trial against two suspected UK terrorists only last year, the authorities didn’t  give a reason. I’m sure if I was a key witness in an important trial, they would just drop charges when I didn’t turn up to give evidence. The reality is that I would be prosecuted and probably jailed for not showing up, especially to a terrorism case.

As well as Alan Henning’s intentions were, He was foolish to go to Syria, especially as at least one of his colleagues works for British security …Hence the reason they knew exactly where Mr Henning was within minutes of him treading on Syrian soil.


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