A message to the British members of parliament voting today.

Some of you were responsible for the devastation that wrecked Iraq several years ago. I hope at some point you face the consequences of those actions along with a certain Anthony Charles Lynton Blair. You are the privileged, the people that have access to information and resources people like myself can only dream of. Dodgy dossiers about Iraq are no excuse and neither will ignorance be a legitimate defence this time round.

The orange jump suit’s and the Jihad John videos have been a timely reminder to independent and critical thinking people just how convenient these productions have been. Just like ‘curveball’ and his fantastic tales of mobile chemical weapons, repeated by Colin Powell (whose integrity to that point was intact) in the UN drama that could have graced any unimaginative American movie thriller. Powell’s reputation is in tatters now and if it weren’t for all these people who repeated these lies (about Saddam’s none existent weapons of mass destruction) having apparent immunity from prosecution, most of them would be rotting in jail.

It would take thousands of ‘9/11’s’ to suffer the same numbers of deaths Iraq have already suffered. Foley, Sotloff and Haines, the victims of these videos that are seemingly crucial to the West’s involvement weren’t your average journalist’s. All three were connected to security forces around the world. Alan Henning appears to be the only genuinely innocent victim thus far and it’s been revealed he was kidnapped within half an hour of getting to Syria and that is extremely dubious. The recent appearance of the journalist John Cantlie reminded me of the the two NHS doctors accused of terrorism charges in the UK. Both cases against the accused were  dismissed because Cantlie and a fellow kidnap victim simply didn’t turn up to give evidence.

Despite all this suspicious behaviour it’s looking increasingly like Obama and Cameron will end up doing Israel’s dirty work against Assad through the back door.


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