UN resolution for Syria attacks?

Of course they should. It’s all right for Obama to spin his web of lies and demand high standards and behaviour within the law from other nations if he maintained such a moral code himself. He doesn’t. He does basically what he wants and sticks two fingers up to the legal process that should be adhered to. The British Empire did nothing for the average citizen of the UK, just as it does nothing for the average American. The Empires plunder tax payments from we, the tax payers and direct it into already wealthy pockets by dropping bombs to obliterate (generally) none white people. The principle of conquest is the same, the main difference is the creation of enemies to allow Obama, Cameron and company to keep doing it. The (clearly) staged and censored beheading of Westerners is not good enough. Only security forces or a treacherous colleague could have resulted in Alan Henning being kidnapped so soon in Syria. This in itself throws up a number of awkward questions for the authorities. The aid workers that were with Mr Henning hadn’t been watched closely enough or our own security services tipped off the kidnappers.It’s not quite as ridiculous as it sounds.

To keep dropping bombs on civilians in far away countries, they need a reason. Commendably, few people were fooled by the bogus Assad chemical weapons claims. Furthermore, given open access to the videos, most people would quickly realise just how badly made they are. However, shortly after release of the footage, it was claimed on the BBC that it might well be illegal to even view the videos. The real crazies pretending to be Islamic don’t do censorship. They thrive on people being disgusted and even fearful. That is exactly what they were designed and created for.


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