The problem with dropping bombs on ISIS/ISIL/IS.

Unless we consider the latest terrorist movement to be incredibly stupid, dropping bombs on them will not be easy. Publicity and political manoeuvring means that the terrorists are aware that the state terrorists are in pursuit. This will be a somewhat muted pursuit and I don’t think ISIS need worry too much. I believe there are two strategies that will become more obvious in the near future. The first is to stop the favoured Kurdish regions from being attacked and conquered (there are no strict general rules, some Kurds are favoured more than others). The second is to make it blatantly obvious that it is unsafe for all ISIS newly acquired tanks and heavy weaponry (courtesy of US tax payers via Iraqi forces) to remain in Eastern Syria. At this point, the border with Iraq will be monitored and any ISIS trying to go back there will be deleted (they’ve done their job in Iraq already).

The escape route through Turkey is only allowed if it is discrete, no heavy weaponry nor troop carriers and tanks. That leaves only one direction in which to move and that is towards Assad controlled regions in the West. Obama and Cameron have had enough of the pressure from Netanyahu now, they have to pay back for their respective election wins. The Israeli’s think the time is right now that they’ve kept the people of Gaza occupied with other problems (specifically, trying to put a roof over their heads). They can keep their eye on the game of ‘remove Assad’ and of course continue to patch up ISIS and Al Nusra terrorists in their hospitals.

A brief look at recent history tells us that the alternatives to dictators are not always that good. The Iraqi people have been murdered and traumatised and their lives are generally much worse than under Saddam. Likewise the Libyans. In fact everywhere ‘we’ve’ been trying to remove evil or protect the innocent we seemed to have messed it up. On a personal basis, I have the irritating habit of not learning from my mistakes, however, I don’t have the time or resources that Cameron and Obama have. I don’t have the advisor’s, think tanks, special committees and so on. I don’t have any significant qualifications from my school years, no diplomas or doctorates. On that basis, I can understand my own repeated mistakes and have given up on trying to change.

So, why are these well educated World leaders making mistakes that are well documented and proven to be disastrous? It’s obvious, it has to be deliberate. There is no other explanation. That so many politicians can get it so wrong on a repeated basis doesn’t stink of incompetence or stupidity. It’s deliberate and until we, the average person, identifies this ridiculous ‘the Emperor has new clothes’ fantasy, we are doomed to a miserable future indeed. Worse than that, you are condemning your children and grandchildren to a future without hope. By the time the futuristic images of complete government control start to resonate with people, it will be too late. It wouldn’t irritate me so much if the people that imprison us had been inventive, articulate and extremely intelligent but they weren’t. They just kept repeating the same old shit and the majority of us believed them, despite all the evidence to the contrary.


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