John Cantlie

This isn’t the first time John Cantlie has been kidnapped in Syria. He was previously freed from captivity by unknown forces. Two British doctors were charged in connection with his kidnapping but it seems Cantlie never presented himself in court as a prosecution witness. The prosecution said ‘a problem arose’.

Today, Theresa May claimed we could be the target of a nuclear terror atrocity. These warnings doen’t appear to be backed up by Police and other security agencies. A main prosecution witness was unavailable to give evidence in a very serious terrorism trial and then the Conservative Party try to instil us with fear about ‘terrorism’. Allowing Shajul Islam and Najul Islam to have their cases dropped (partially because of John Cantlie) does not imply terrorism is such a grave danger, after all, the case was dropped without a fuss from the British Government.

Cantlie was described as a photographer then. Now he is described as a journalist. His presentations for ISIS don’t seem natural, the speeches themselves are very well written.

Ultimately, anyone who would return to such a hostile environment a second time doesn’t value his life very much.

Another thought. If, as the British Government suspect, the two doctor brother’s previously charged with Cantlie’s kidnapping were responsible, why haven’t they been rearrested for questioning?


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