Crying wolf again.

Persistent warnings of 'this' danger or 'that' danger are designed to persuade the general population of a verifiable threat to their existence. For instance, 'Kim Jong-un and his huge nuclear arsenal are an imminent threat to our very survival.' I'm not knowledgeable about Korean issues but from what I have seen he's far more danger … Continue reading Crying wolf again.


Motor car murderers.

The recent (apparent) attack by an Arab motorist targeting Jews got me thinking. I recall several attacks by Jewish settlers seemingly driving straight at Arabs but hadn't counted them up because I thought they were very rare. 08 Oct 2010 - Hit and run on two Palestinian boys in Silwan. 23 Sep 2011 - Settler … Continue reading Motor car murderers.

Charlie Skelton joins the Syrian opposition dots.

I said I would provide evidence about the Syrian opposition and it's friends in high places. Well, it's not my research that exposes the anti-Assad groups, it's Charlie Skelton, in a piece he wrote a couple of years ago. This is well worth reading and clarifies the devious tactics the so called Syrian opposition uses … Continue reading Charlie Skelton joins the Syrian opposition dots.

One gun and some bullets equates to a Mumbai type slaughter.

In my opinion, prosecution evidence and statements used in terrorist cases in the UK tend to be as sensationalist and unbelievable as any conspiracy theorist could concoct. The latest one involves a character called Erol Incedal. Mr Incedal is accused of various terrorism offences, seemingly from bugged conversations he had with his accomplices. It's extremely … Continue reading One gun and some bullets equates to a Mumbai type slaughter.