One gun and some bullets equates to a Mumbai type slaughter.

In my opinion, prosecution evidence and statements used in terrorist cases in the UK tend to be as sensationalist and unbelievable as any conspiracy theorist could concoct. The latest one involves a character called Erol Incedal. Mr Incedal is accused of various terrorism offences, seemingly from bugged conversations he had with his accomplices. It’s extremely debatable whether these types of conversations can be used as evidence considering the lively imaginations of humans. Everyone has encountered the kind of people I’m referring to, the man (or woman) who has done it all or about to do it. Anything you mention, they’ve already been there or they are about to do it. They can be described as dreamers or fantasisers, out of touch with reality and living in their own little perfect world in which they are able to do anything. Besides being slightly irritating at times, they are a danger only to themselves and trying to prove that they are a danger to wider society doesn’t convince me. Code words being used but not understood by other members of the group reveals the incompetence of these accused terrorists.

Worse than that are the claims of the prosecution lawyers who clearly have similar lively imaginations. The recent case has revealed that the group of men were trying to buy a gun. It’s illegal in the UK to have a gun unless you are explicitly authorised to posses one, such as a Police marksman. I could argue that most enforcement officers aren’t fit to have one but that is a different matter. So, these alleged terrorists are recorded discussing a gun and some bullets and if that’s the case , they should be found guilty of conspiring to obtain an illegal weapon. However, having virtually proving this to be the case the prosecution then go in to exaggeration mode. They claim that this one gun (if proven beyond reasonable doubt) could be part of a conspiracy to create an attack in the UK similar to the Mumbai attacks from a few years ago when 170 people were murdered. Mentioning Mumbai in respect of this court case is nothing short of pure fantasy and when such comparisons are used I have to question what real evidence they do have.

By turning the purchase of a gun from some low level career criminal into an arms shipment comparable to the huge amount of weapons required to commit the Mumbai atrocity reveals that this should be a prosecution of someone attempting to buy an illegal weapon, not a secretly held court case that supports a government agenda.


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