Motor car murderers.

The recent (apparent) attack by an Arab motorist targeting Jews got me thinking. I recall several attacks by Jewish settlers seemingly driving straight at Arabs but hadn’t counted them up because I thought they were very rare.

08 Oct 2010 – Hit and run on two Palestinian boys in Silwan.
23 Sep 2011 – Settler Hit and Run Incident Injures 8 Year Old Child.
12 Jan 2012 – Disabled girl in a wheelchair hit by settler car in Hebron on her way to school.
26 May 2013 – Bayan Kamel Shatat, 7, was hit by an Israeli settler south of Hebron.
26 Dec 2013 – Israeli runs over child near Salfit.
19 Oct 2014 – Israeli settler runs over two Palestinian girls in Singel, killing one and seriously injuring the other one.
20 Oct 2014 – Near the Gush Etzion Junction. Jewish driver hits an Arab woman standing on the road.

These examples are from the top of the Google returns when I entered ‘settler hit and run Arab’. To my knowledge none of the Jewish drivers were shot dead. Either Israeli’s are piss poor drivers or they think they can kill Arabs without repercussions. Probably the latter and they are almost certainly right. Despite Israeli politicians claiming the law treats everyone the same, this is just one example that they lie through their teeth.


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