Crying wolf again.

Persistent warnings of ‘this’ danger or ‘that’ danger are designed to persuade the general population of a verifiable threat to their existence. For instance, ‘Kim Jong-un and his huge nuclear arsenal are an imminent threat to our very survival.’ I’m not knowledgeable about Korean issues but from what I have seen he’s far more danger to his own people and the South Koreans if they continue to deliberately provoke him and even if they have got nuclear arms technology, it’s not perfected. The drip-drip effect of stories are capable of two outcomes. There is the possibility that people will in effect be brainwashed into believing a story that has absolutely no credibility, as in the case of Saddam’s none existent WMD’s. Alternatively there is the boy that cried wolf, a good example of this would be Netanyahu’s claims of imminent Iranian nuclear weapon capability going back over 20 years.
A former UN inspector has recently warned of Iran’s nuclear weapons building capabilities, claiming that “there are a lot of things we don’t know”. Indeed there are, so his warnings, by his own admission are pure speculation. In the interview he goes on to say Iran has an “unfortunate history of misleading and not disclosing all its nuclear material.”
The former inspectors name is Olli Heinonen and he warns that there could be a Middle East nuclear arms race because of the uncertainty Iran create with it’s suspected nuclear ambitions. I’ve never heard of Mr Heinonen but it appears he was former deputy director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency. I’ve never been anywhere near Iran or the Middle East and wouldn’t know a nuclear warhead if I tripped over one but I can correct Mr Heinonen on several points without too much trouble.
A man of his previous experience should know that the nuclear arm’s race has already been run in that part of the world and Israel were the only ones that finished the race. They are rumoured to have finished it several hundred times. Actually, unlike the speculation surrounding Iran there is more than circumstantial evidence to support this statement.
Does Mr Heinonen believe that Israel do not have a history of misleading and not disclosing it’s nuclear material? These types of hit pieces are amateurish smears and are so bad I hope people like Mr Heinonen carry on repeating them. Mentioning the words ‘nuclear’ and ‘Middle East’ without mentioning ‘Israel’ indicates gross stupidity or devious intent…. And you don’t get to be a high ranking IAEA official by being stupid.


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