One comment on “The end of the world is nigh.

  1. thank u,such a valid point :}

    just recalling automatically the dr. steven salaita recent case where he was sacked from his job as an associate professor in the state of illonies university after being harassed/monitored by other faculty members over his social media views 2ward gaza’s war and support 4 his native palestine,….
    as 1 would say,unless it harms them in a core they wouldnt do it :} would they spend huge budgets in recruiting legions of hasbara members 2 roam the political venues and saloons thro the web spreading their ill-visioned scripts unless they’r well-aware of the importance of the socialmedia and its effect on molding ppl views?
    and it also shows that the jewish lobbies r relentlessly and actively looking after its ppl/burying “israel’s” monstrous gaffes/attacking its criticizers/polishing its image ..they got a tight grip in every country, every important political institution{elected outright 2 take advantage of the population}, every powerful bank{controls all the important aspects of the human-kind lives} …they’r out 2 rule the mean of livings …thats how u stay a dominion!!!!

    …..,i personally find most of the concepts thats gets used in the reformation of the modern societies/war excuses{liberation missions} r mis-used by malicious and foul master-minds in devious intents :/ such a utopian’s perfectionist
    qualities/ideas that tickle humans fantasies of a better world/life that get dis-formed in return and turned in2 dysfunctional ideas called upon when it suites!
    freedom of speech/thought r prosecuted by governments that highly acclaimed its defending the individuality of its members,…..

    a single tweet by a conscious woman is going 2 multiply 2 change the views of her family,friends,acquaintances! as dr. salaita raised awareness in2 a much wider extent!
    dont u think this prejudice and foolish act of a “JUSTICE MINISTRY” wont fire bak in a silver lining the visualizes in opening more eyes 2 the truth? they feared it! 1 TWEET! and its going 2 bite them bak where it hurts ^^ they say choose ur battles! and this was an unnecessary destructive act by the dutch jewish lobby! I ASSUME…like stupid-wise
    an arabian proverb says “if u get scared of the dingo{4 no reason} he’l show up”! the relevance is there :} but those ratty zinoists got the righteous enlightened world 2 fear!

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