John McCain again.

Here is an interview by an American news broadcaster with John McCain. I won’t link to the video because the mere sight of him makes me cringe.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Thursday the Obama administration is not carrying out more airstrikes against Islamic militants inside Syria because it is instead “playing footsie” with Iran.

Trying to resolve the very serious issue of nuclear weapons could hardly be described as ‘playing footsie’ but I expect this kind of language from a war monger.

“There are reports that one of the reasons why we are not attacking [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad is because we are trying to look at some kind of arrangements with the Iranians,” the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee said in an interview with MSNBC.

I wish I could debate with this arsehole McCain, he spouts the biggest load of bollocks and is never challenged! The reason Mr McCain you are not bombing Assad’s supporters is because you have no legal right to do so. The nature of Iranian political alliances with Syria has absolutely nothing to do with any nuclear discussion.

“It’s, as I say, it’s immoral and shameful and somehow we are playing footsie with the Iranians and hope that they will somehow have an effect on ISIS,” said McCain, who is poised to serve as chairman of the committee next year.

No Mr McCain, it is immoral and shameful how you, a democratically elected representative of the American people should want to push an agenda that doesn’t beneficially effect your own nation but does benefit Israel

McCain said that, “on the nuclear issue, we have already given away the store by allowing them to the right to enrich and not putting in check both the development of warheads and the means to deliver them.”

I don’t think Iran has any intention of procuring nuclear weapons but I wouldn’t blame them if they did considering the amount of times Israel have threatened them.

He called the talks a “misguided effort to somehow accommodate and get better relations with a country that is spreading disorder and unrest throughout the region.”

McCain would have to provide some examples if I were to interview him

However, McCain said he would work with other Senate lawmakers to craft a new authorization for the use of military force against ISIS, something the president asked for on Wednesday during a post-election news conference.

McCain has one eye on mission creep

“The last authorization specifically mentioned the 9/11 attacks and those responsible for it. So it should be updated. But I want to do it very carefully,” McCain said. “We’ll sit down and try and work this out. It is necessary.”

The lengths at which McCain will go to in search of assisting Israeli foreign policy are mind blowing. He must be partly responsible for more people dying on this planet than anyone else. For the benefit of mankind, the sooner his toes curl up, the better.


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