The synagogue attack….

The synagogue attack……In Jerusalem is at the same location as a Palestinian village called Deir Yassin, where the massacre of Arabs took place over half a century ago. This fact will not be repeated by any mainstream media journalist that values his job. The blood that has been spilt lately cannot be compared to that which spilled in 1948 and will not have such a profound effect on the victims or their families who were either killed or driven from their homes all those years ago. The Jewish victims families will not have to find a new home and start from scratch, unlike the Arabs who managed to survive the Deir Yassin Massacre. Ironically, the families of the alleged suspects are already having to try to find a new roof above their heads because the Israeli government have demolished their homes within hours of the attack taking place. Some things never change, eh?

Despite the demolition of homes being a breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, it would appear that the Israeli regime are above such laws. Homes for thousands of people have been routinely demolished by Israel and must surely be illegal on the grounds of collective punishment. After all, the other people residing at these homes are very likely oblivious to the intent of their relatives and any children in the home particularly so.

I haven’t condemned the attack on the synagogue for several reasons. Every time there are attacks on Israeli’s, the Israeli government always manage to make some kind of gain from it, usually the seizure of a little more Palestinian land and in this instance, the excuse for the (already) well armed settlers to become even more so.  These weapons are used to terrorise the Palestinians rather than defend against them. The murders of Palestinians are rarely condemned, no matter how despicable the circumstances. The US government usually appeals for ‘restraint’ from both sides when Arabs are killed. They even condemned the ‘kidnapping’ of an Israeli soldier even though it never happened and in fact Israeli forces probably killed him to stop him from becoming a Palestinian prisoner. Finally, I believe that the Jewish worshippers stood a better chance of survival than the people who used to live in this area of Gaza:

Mideast Israel Palestinians

..And they stood a better chance than the ethnically cleansed victims of what was previously called Deir Yassin.

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