Tony Blair has never Saved The Children (except his own, of course).

If he was so dedicated to his causes, surely he would have encouraged his own children to join the armed forces instead of getting them cushy intern places with G W Bush and making them rich through dodgy property deals. However, I digress a little. Blair’s actions have indeed done quite the opposite and even though he has blighted so many Iraqi lives, he’s adamant he would do the same again. It now appears that Save The Children are trying to limit the damage created by the award given to Blair recently but this episode has exposed just how politicized charities have become. Staff at the STC have apparently sent a letter to the hierarchy to complain about an award given to a suspected war criminal and have been told the US arm of the charity didn’t discuss what it was going to do with regard to the accolade. So detached from reality are certain Americans, they didn’t realise Blair has long been thought of as a pariah here in the UK and I’m sure in other parts of the world too. His Middle East Peace Envoy job is some kind of sick joke and just like all the deals he gets involved in, I’m sure he has personally benefited from the role…At the expense of the Palestinians.
Blair is always going to be protected by his friends in high places so there isn’t much chance of him being arrested any time soon…Much the pity.


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