Before you buy it …..Research who you are buying off.

I’m going to get a new phone. Companies that support Israel and it’s apartheid, racist, illegal policies can kiss my arse. If push comes to shove, I’ll purchase two tin cans and a piece of string. They won’t be getting a penny of my money. The same goes for everything I buy, I check before I buy anything, to make sure I’m not supporting the criminal, immoral state that calls itself ‘Israel’. Anyone with an ounce of conscience should do the same, avoid Israeli investing companies, even if it costs twice as much. I will do.


The Abbot and ISIS pantomime season.

This kind of attack in Australia was as predictable as night follows day. I imagine the industrial military complex mentality is the primary motive but Abbot has been itching to get involved in the ‘war on terror’ and he appears to have got his catalyst. Not that he really needed one, Australian troops are already committed to Iraq but this is his ‘I told you so’ moment, where the Aussie public can cheer the security forces for their successful anti-terrorist mission. We don’t know the outcome yet but these security operations are always successful? No matter how many civilians die, no matter how many lost opportunities were missed, these enigmatic and secretive security organisations always come up smelling of … Extra funds from the tax payer to finance the defence of the country against the expected tidal wave of crazy terrorists. They will find some, they always do. They might have to flash lots of money around and maybe even remind the fundamentalists that only violence will hurt the none believers. They might even need to come up with some ideas about the atrocities they could commit …But once the action starts, the instigators will disappear, just like they always do
Sombre looking heads of states with quivering bottom lips extend their heartfelt sympathies to relatives of the victims, a national day of mourning, annual remembrances and wall to wall media coverage of the shocking events have been repeated numerous times before. We can recall Bush and Blair, with their emotional Oscar worthy performances whilst using the deaths of other peoples relatives to commit troops to foreign lands, despite there being no evidence of the people in those foreign lands having had anything to do with these so called terrorist events. A group of people somewhere want to sell weapons. They don’t care if it’s your relatives who die or mine, as long as it isn’t theirs. Former military seem to do very well from these terrorist events, if I had a suspicious mind……

Whatever you do, don’t mention statistics in this war on terror. Unlike most circumstances in life, the facts and figures can’t be too easily manipulated, although the amount it costs isn’t widely broadcast. If you really don’t like taking risks, call an electrician round to change the fuse next time one goes… Those electrical jobs are far more dangerous than the threat of being struck by terrorism. Unless you live in the Middle East and then there is a far greater risk of (state) terrorism, usually drones with US, Israeli or UK insignia on them.

Syrian ‘experts’.

The recent Channel 4 investigation exposing Shamiwitness as a Bangalore based executive hasn’t surprised me at all. The so called experts in the Syrian conflict are based outside Syria yet claim to have very detailed information about the ongoing war. The Indian who was posing as a an ISIS insider is now backtracking on his tweets by claiming he’s done nothing wrong and not broken any Indian laws. If supporting the murderous thugs of ISIS and praising their every atrocity as well as urging people to join them isn’t a criminal offence in India then it should be. Did Mehdi Masroor Biswas (aka Shamiwitness) praise the attack on Mumbai? Even if he didn’t, the Mumbai attackers and ISIS are effectively the same thing.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Brown Moses, the self proclaimed specialist on Middle Eastern conflicts, expert in Chemical Weapons and now Shamiwitness have numerous similarities …None of these shysters are anywhere near the horrendous events in Syria, they are cheer leading from a very safe distance. Their homes in Coventry, Leicester and Bangalore are not going to be shelled by any free armies or government forces but you wouldn’t know that from their claims and conclusions.
Furthermore, all three have been extensively reported by world wide main stream media as being credible and reliable sources. They are not and never have been anything other than sick people beating Syrian war drums yet being totally unaffected by the events they fraudulently report about.
They all appear to have wonderful imaginations too. Brown Moses (Eliot Higgins) became an expert in weapons by watching YouTube videos whilst the SOHR host is a shopkeeper from Coventry, UK. Now we have an Indian clown who says he would have joined ISIS himself if his family didn’t rely on him for financial support. Isn’t Jihad far more important than earthly concerns such as supporting relatives?
Maybe I’ve missed something ………….

Collective punishment.

Israel have been committing the crime of collective punishment for years, despite it being recognised as internationally unlawful. History tells us that Israel don’t comply to international norms when it doesn’t suit them, which is most of the time. Imagine living under such circumstances whereby an Israeli resistant relative might be to blame for a complete extended family to be made homeless. Is grandma or a new born┬ábaby responsible for an act of resistance initiated by an older member of the family? Can you imagine what the response would be if a council demolished a criminals home and subsequently his family had nowhere to live? Firstly, an authority wouldn’t do it here because they would have to then rehouse them so that would be rather silly, however , Israeli authorities have no such obligation and in fact usually end up confiscating the land the home was on so it’s win-win. This is one of the problems about Israel, they have been allowed to discard the obligations that every other modern state has to adhere to and those very same countries are silent in response.

Israel and ISIS , partners in crime.

Syria has again been bombed by Israeli jets and the Israelis don’t seem to care that it’s becoming common knowledge. There have been very strong rumours that Israel have accepted injured terrorists into their hospitals for a couple of years and they have bombed Syria on at least three previous occasions. Israel assistance that benefits alleged Islamic fundamentalist groups such as Al Nusra and ISIS should set alarm bells ringing for all the cranks hell bent on joining the mercenaries causing chaos in Syria. It’s hard to imagine intelligent people being conned so easily but that’s clearly the case … Joining the dots isn’t difficult.
From the start, Israeli fingerprints have been obvious in the attempted overthrowing of Assad. Netanyahu has systematically tried to weaken any neighbours that could represent resistance to his land grab for ‘a greater Israel’ (as he see’s it). The oil spill currently destroying Israel proves that they can’t even take care of what land they’ve already stolen.
Every time there is an attack on Hezbollah, Syria or the Palestinians it is to try to weaken them in advance of his future plans. However he has a major stumbling block. It’s called the IDF. The pathetic military that can only assault old ladies and kids aren’t fit for purpose and they will never be any good for a ground invasion. Even the poorly equipped resistance in Gaza managed to kill 64 of them and when you consider the technological advantage the Israelis had, it’s nothing short of scandalous that Hamas should have had so much success. Without their state of the art jets supplied by American taxpayers and their wholesale slaughter of innocents in the most recent Gaza invasion, their attack was another abject failure. Surely Netanayhau must know that the IDF are clowns and incapable of beating an egg? Yes, they can use artillery to destroy 360 factories to strangle the Gaza economy even further. Sure they can destroy 20,000 homes in a tiny enclave as small as Gaza. Give any kid half an hour training on a weapons simulator and they could do the very same. But when it gets down to the nitty gritty, the IDF are still one of the weakest professional armies in the world and as soon as someone is able to fight back, they lose their enthusiasm.