Collective punishment.

Israel have been committing the crime of collective punishment for years, despite it being recognised as internationally unlawful. History tells us that Israel don’t comply to international norms when it doesn’t suit them, which is most of the time. Imagine living under such circumstances whereby an Israeli resistant relative might be to blame for a complete extended family to be made homeless. Is grandma or a new born baby responsible for an act of resistance initiated by an older member of the family? Can you imagine what the response would be if a council demolished a criminals home and subsequently his family had nowhere to live? Firstly, an authority wouldn’t do it here because they would have to then rehouse them so that would be rather silly, however , Israeli authorities have no such obligation and in fact usually end up confiscating the land the home was on so it’s win-win. This is one of the problems about Israel, they have been allowed to discard the obligations that every other modern state has to adhere to and those very same countries are silent in response.


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