Decent human beings…..

…Don’t only think of themselves, they try to empathise and even help those they believe to be in need of aid. The best way the Jewish population could commemorate the crimes committed before and during the second world war would be to consider the circumstances of the less well off.

Perhaps they could think about the Gaza siege that makes the Warsaw ghetto siege appear a minor inconvenience. Maybe Israelis could take a look at the destruction of Gaza using the cameras from their many drones …The ones that apparently managed to target the homes of innocent Palestinians who then returned to a mound of rubble.

I’m tired of the victims of a decades old crime ramming it down my throat annually, via the extremely helpful mass media. The journalists don’t have to look too hard to find misery happening today and ongoing. I have to wonder why they can’t see the blindingly obvious.

The water and sewage problems that the people of Gaza are suffering now that could be partially fixed by the Israeli authorities within days if they allowed replacement parts in to the besieged region. Do these services constitute a security threat? We already know that concrete is a security threat, because Israel has already prohibited it’s entry. How convenient that it should be banned prior to a the assault on Gaza that destroyed 18,000 homes, the ones presumably wrongly targeted by the drones.. The Israelis claim to be world leaders in technology ….. 18,000 mistakes says a different story.

Auschwitz must be straining under the weight of visitors these last few days, maybe some people should take some blankets to Gaza to make a real difference instead of claiming they are the only people throughout history who have suffered a catastrophe. Israel is described as the Jewish state, the condemnation by Jews outside Israel is long overdue. Perhaps they are too busy planning next years Holocaust remembrance.


The Holocaust.

BBC news was today dominated by the 70th anniversary of the Russian liberation of Auschwitz. Well actually, it’s the eve of the liberation of Auschwitz. Today’s 10 minute segments on the BBC will surely be magnified tomorrow. Not that I’m denying anything of course… The horror of war is the same for everybody, not just a select few who consider their misery to be much worse than anyone else’s.

The torture inflicted on the Palestinians is in some ways much more vicious. From the people who claim that Hitler wanted to remove them from the world to be treating people with such disregard  is bad enough. To be doing it for more than 60 years is not an error, it is a deliberate attempt to ethnically cleanse the Arabs from what they believe is their biblical home. The claim is not legitimate and the ‘return to Israel’ isn’t religiously driven anyhow, many orthodox Jews completely reject the notion

It’s quite simple, Israeli Jews arrogantly consider Palestine to be their home and don’t care that the mass removal of the indigenous people had to be initiated to allow them to move in.

Now, back to the Holocaust. Logically, people who had suffered such treatment from Hitler could be reasonably expected to shout ‘never again’.  Unfortunately, they don’t mean ‘never again’ for the rest of the world ,just themselves.

Crying Jews on TV is an insult to Palestinians. The hypocrisy of denouncing their own treatment at the hands of the Nazis and yet killing, stealing land as well as imprisoning Palestinians of all ages doesn’t go unnoticed. Can’t they see the similarities?

The Palestinians are suffering slow suffocation, water deprivation, economical strangulation as well as not being allowed to pursue a reasonable standard of education. It could be argued that at least many of the incarcerated Jews were allegedly killed relatively quickly, the Palestinians are being tortured for over 6 decades already.

So, maybe if the slaughter and imprisonment of the Palestinians were to stop, Israel would be much more secure. On the other hand could you forgive and forget 60 plus years of mistreatment without not wanting revenge?

Dear Mr Boehner.

I don’t know if any of your fellow American citizens have mentioned this but you are supposed to work in the best interests of the people in the democratic system you represent. If you worked for General Electrics would you try to improve the working conditions of Haliburton employees and increase profit for their shareholders? I would hope not, so why are you trying to promote the Israeli nation and in particular Benjamin Netanyahu?

Have you done such a good job that the people of the US are all living in fine conditions without a care in the world? If I were to be harsh, I might call you a traitor. In fact, that word is the best way I can think to describe you. So, stop worrying about Israel and try worrying about the constituents of your mother country. The starving and unrepresented, the poor and the uneducated. Your country already bankrolls Israel, I really can’t see the need to promote their racist behaviour towards Palestinians using a war criminal such as Netanyahu.

The Chilcot inquiry.

…Is just like all the other inquiries, it will be neither truthful nor factual. The criminals in charge of what is described as our democracy have needed so much time concocting the Chilcot inquiry fairytale and yet they appear to need more, probably to try to make use of the ‘forget’ factor. These tactics have been used so many times before and the announcement by the BBC of the delay only reaffirms how the ‘ruling classes’ have everything covered, including the media. The headlines, when they do appear in our news media will of course highlight the very small errors and ignore the fact that Blair and his cronies told the security and intelligence services exactly what sort of report was required of them. It wasn’t as elaborate as Colin Powell’s fictional masterpiece when he performed for the UN, but then again that would take some beating. All that was missing was the dramatic musical score. Our news agencies lapped it up.

Not that there is much dispute about the compliance and indeed helpfulness of the mainstream media in shaping public opinion. Joseph Goebbels would surely smile with admiration watching how the masses are fooled by so few.

Christians must condemn and speak out….

A Moroccan man in France was brutally killed after being stabbed 17 times in front of his wife at his own home by a neighbour in what is described as a “horrible Islamophobic attack”.

The report continues to describe how the killer was a schizophrenic but I would argue that the perpetrators of the two French attacks were hardly mentally well balanced either. Apparently, there have been over 50 attacks described as ‘Islamophobic’ since the recent terrorist attacks in France, yet it seems most of the countries security services are surrounding Jewish establishments. Similar resources are being used in the same way in the UK, despite Jews having their own police force in some areas.

Muslims are consistently being urged to condemn terrorism and ISIS type groups but why should they apologise for people who don’t represent them? I certainly won’t be apologising for this crazy murderer in France, yet if we use the same logic we try to enforce on Muslims, I should.

Charlie Hebdo and free speech.

In 2009 a French cartoonist who went by the name of Sine was sacked from Charlie Hebdo’s, he claims for drawing a caricature of Nicholas Sarkozy’s son. It would seem a small joke is far more damaging to society than deliberately insulting the Prophet Mohammed, an act that has been continually repeated to anger Muslims. Personally, I would ignore these puerile attempts at incitement but the people at Charlie Hebdo’s know exactly what they were doing. Obviously, they didn’t anticipate the ferocity of the murderous attack that happened but by insulting 1.6 billion people there is always a chance that a couple of psychopaths might be amongst them.

I’ve noticed that Hebdo’s jokes at the expense of Jews are gentle and poke fun at stereotypes of Jews. It seems to me we can only laugh at Jewish jokes if the Jews themselves say it or laugh at it. No other section of society is given the same respect. So far as I’m aware they do not attack any aspect of the Talmud or Torah. It’s particularly easy to insult a person or organisation, any idiot could do it. Poking fun in an inoffensive way is much more difficult and perhaps that’s the reason the employees of Charlie Hebdo couldn’t do it.

Nothing justifies the attacks in France last week but freedom of speech is something we are all individually responsible for and if we are going to be restricted from historical events then we should certainly leave peoples religion alone, however despicable or unsavoury the religion is perceived by others.

Netanyahu’s Palestinian slaughter continues.

Palestinians are still dying from the Israeli attack on Gaza last year. Only it’s not a fresh onslaught of missiles that are killing, it’s the exposure to freezing conditions because their homes are practically destroyed. Two children in the last two nights have died and it’s not news you will see on the BBC or ITN. Netanyahu won’t give them a second thought, nor will he have told his friend s at the Paris march of the latest victims of Israeli state terror. Regardless of what Mark Regev (an Israeli spokesman) would have us believe, these kids in Gaza weren’t attacking Israel.

They are just innocent children dying from avoidable hypothermia.