Political theatre.

So, the start of electioneering has begun in the UK. Miliband, with all his new found confidence and assertiveness attacks the Conservatives with vigour and purpose. The fact that this upturn in his appeal is down to psychologists, sleek PR and elocution lessons is blatantly obvious. He’s been redesigned and had personality make-over.

The Conservatives don’t need such radical actions. They are well oiled and it showed when the five ministers marched out to take their places at the pulpit style tables neatly positioned for them to ‘preach’ to us.

I find it hard to believe that people are actually taken in and even debate what they consider to be differences in policies between the major parties. The differences are purely cosmetic. Behind closed doors they are all friends who have a jolly good laugh at the stupidity of the mugs who think they live in a democracy. The choice of two candidates chosen by newspaper editors is hardly democracy. If the media don’t like them, they are exposed for whatever tawdry reason seems appropriate. I think there should be a modern day remake of ‘the Emperor’s new clothes’. I can’t see Hollywood spending millions to make it, after all, it might be just a little too obvious what is thought of the masses by the ruling elite.


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