Mr Cameron, you are the Prime Minister…..

…Our National Health Service appears to be in the middle of crisis because everyone seems to think they need a brain surgeon to attend the scratch on their finger, and that in turn creates great pressure on our Accident and Emergency service. I won’t go into detail about how you and others (namely Tony Blair) have been setting your friends up to rape the NHS and have begun doing so on a daily, slow drip basis. I would add that this current problem with the NHS has been waiting to happen. You knew about it and so did most other politicians …This is when your private health schemes will be useful.

Instead of dealing with this NHS emergency you seem to have been pre-occupied by a footballer and a small Northern club wishing to employ him.

Prime Minister David Cameron believes any club thinking of signing convicted rapist Ched Evans must ‘weigh the decision very carefully’ due to ‘the position of footballers as role models’, his spokesman has said.

Mr Cameron, weighing decisions very carefully is a phrase best kept for life and death decisions. As an example, the decision to go to war. Did you vote to go to war with Iraq, Mr Cameron? Did you weigh your decision very carefully? Not carefully enough, it would seem.


One thought on “Mr Cameron, you are the Prime Minister…..

  1. Your comments about the A&E crisis are spot on. Honestly, if only people realised they are part of the problem! An ambulance crew worker wrote a blog/rant for me on the subject and it made me realise a thing or two. I don’t know if Mr Cameron actually has any clue what he is doing anymore, time for a change of careers perhaps… He could always use his giant forehead as a runway for one of Britain’s airports, of course.

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