France and terrorism.

The huge outpouring of grief, anger and even astonishment from the French because of recent murders should be looked at in context of their more recent foreign policy.

A policy involving Sarkozy didn’t respond to a request by the Libyan masses to overthrow Gadaffi, it was a relatively small number of armed militia that appealed for Western help and France were only too eager to oblige. Arguments about casualties created by the intervention aside, the Libyan people have had their lives turned upside down because of predominantly French interference. The no fly zone created by France amongst others only succeeded in allowing the violent militias in Libya to remove Gadaffi. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that the Libyan’s previously very good standard of living has collapsed like many buildings did due to the no fly zone turning into air support for the rebels. This was a crime against Libya that politicians in France and other members of the ‘coalition’ should have been tried for. The terrorist event’s in France weren’t done to gain revenge against France, it was done by the very same people they were protecting from the air in Libya. The same as many future atrocities will be committed by returnees from the Western sponsored civil war in Syria.

None of the countries eager to create chaos in other lands should be immune from blow back. That’s not to say I approve of innocent French people being murdered, I condemn all innocent people being slaughtered, that includes the Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians, Palestinians and others. We have to stop thinking that our misery is any more important than that of the Arabs or Africans. We can at least be comforted by the fact our infrastructure hasn’t been completely destroyed along with our homes.


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