One comment on “Just an illusion.

  1. thank u 4 sharing ur point of views with us :}

    its like a well-directed suspense movie where the spectators r drawn 2 its intensity and emotional density which leaves them hooked, sitting on the edge of their seats, watching a very complicated plots that gets unraveled continuously as the end rears!
    sadly, a high percentage of the population still framing itself in a limited narration based on a foolish sentiment designed 4 them and if politicians wanted 2 influence them, then, all they have 2 do is 2 tickle that illusion in2 their favor! 4 those ,,,this was intended and orchestrated!

    ,,,i’m a skeptic and conspiracy theorist by nature!
    and this appears 2 me 2 be a psychological drama with a french finesse and delicacy! where those mysterious storylines, the convenient turn of events and where everything falls in2 its right place r done with immaculate proficiency …,that does cast a doubt in mind in how those immature petty deluded individuals established a sleeping cell, succeeded of attacking 4 outposts without being caught altho being tailed by thousands of skillful terror fighting agents/policemen, and worked cohesively thro 2 whole days without a single mistake …..thats pure genius that requires a clarity and precision and they dont strike me as master minds!

    lots of indicators points 4 it 2 be a french inside job, mossad job …i even read it could be a cia job, not 2 exclude it 4 being a genuine isis/qa’ida job …that also is huge possibility!
    that makes us spin in spiral btw truth and fiction so the majority cant differentiate which is which ….which politics is, isnt it?


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