Charlie Hebdo and free speech.

In 2009 a French cartoonist who went by the name of Sine was sacked from Charlie Hebdo’s, he claims for drawing a caricature of Nicholas Sarkozy’s son. It would seem a small joke is far more damaging to society than deliberately insulting the Prophet Mohammed, an act that has been continually repeated to anger Muslims. Personally, I would ignore these puerile attempts at incitement but the people at Charlie Hebdo’s know exactly what they were doing. Obviously, they didn’t anticipate the ferocity of the murderous attack that happened but by insulting 1.6 billion people there is always a chance that a couple of psychopaths might be amongst them.

I’ve noticed that Hebdo’s jokes at the expense of Jews are gentle and poke fun at stereotypes of Jews. It seems to me we can only laugh at Jewish jokes if the Jews themselves say it or laugh at it. No other section of society is given the same respect. So far as I’m aware they do not attack any aspect of the Talmud or Torah. It’s particularly easy to insult a person or organisation, any idiot could do it. Poking fun in an inoffensive way is much more difficult and perhaps that’s the reason the employees of Charlie Hebdo couldn’t do it.

Nothing justifies the attacks in France last week but freedom of speech is something we are all individually responsible for and if we are going to be restricted from historical events then we should certainly leave peoples religion alone, however despicable or unsavoury the religion is perceived by others.


One thought on “Charlie Hebdo and free speech.

  1. thank u 4 an insightful post :}

    1 of my philosophies in life that “”when u choose a path,,,u accept the consequences””!
    if they wanted peace, they shouldve extended the hand of peace 1st! :}

    radical/sarcastic/dosent have any respect 4 humanity as a whole nevertheless 4 religions or its followers…,
    they choose 2 ridicule islam,,,i find wut happened as a reasonable outcome 4 an unfortunate choice of those journalists cuz u cant poke the bear and expect 2 get away without a scratch from his claws :/ CAN U?
    thats CHARLIE!,,,
    and again, NONE HERE WERE INNOCENT but the victims whom crossed paths with those villains{both holding a brush or holding a gun!} and 4 those victims, we sympathize and pray 4 peace and mercy…

    i’v also been taught that my freedom ends when other’s begins! which makes me think that the word “FREEDOM” is the same as “TERRORISM” is up 4 interpretations as it suites ~ from there comes the confusion ,,, when u pick and choose,u raise rage amongst those whom have a different interpretation of the concept cuz societies r bind 2 a different set of traditions and customs,,, u got 2 respect it if u really respect the human race and its diversity and if u want 2 live in harmony with others of other beliefs and faiths…

    it was a crime against freedom of speech as advertised[committed by God knows who!] but it’l take from the citizens of france liberties in so many ways and forms!
    the french administration achieved its goals of romanticizing the massacre, charging the worldwide public with a passionate anger 2ward the perpetrators{whom their true intents r in question} and also will open the door in2 new/more strict legislations stretch from national security in2 emigrations laws….thro many other laws…,
    and as we all know fear mongering is a weapon that governments resort 2 pass their own agenda! it’l effect us 1 way or another…

    regards 2 ur person,,,,

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