One comment on “Charlie Hebdo and free speech.

  1. thank u 4 an insightful post :}

    1 of my philosophies in life that “”when u choose a path,,,u accept the consequences””!
    if they wanted peace, they shouldve extended the hand of peace 1st! :}

    radical/sarcastic/dosent have any respect 4 humanity as a whole nevertheless 4 religions or its followers…,
    they choose 2 ridicule islam,,,i find wut happened as a reasonable outcome 4 an unfortunate choice of those journalists cuz u cant poke the bear and expect 2 get away without a scratch from his claws :/ CAN U?
    thats CHARLIE!,,,
    and again, NONE HERE WERE INNOCENT but the victims whom crossed paths with those villains{both holding a brush or holding a gun!} and 4 those victims, we sympathize and pray 4 peace and mercy…

    i’v also been taught that my freedom ends when other’s begins! which makes me think that the word “FREEDOM” is the same as “TERRORISM” is up 4 interpretations as it suites ~ from there comes the confusion ,,, when u pick and choose,u raise rage amongst those whom have a different interpretation of the concept cuz societies r bind 2 a different set of traditions and customs,,, u got 2 respect it if u really respect the human race and its diversity and if u want 2 live in harmony with others of other beliefs and faiths…

    it was a crime against freedom of speech as advertised[committed by God knows who!] but it’l take from the citizens of france liberties in so many ways and forms!
    the french administration achieved its goals of romanticizing the massacre, charging the worldwide public with a passionate anger 2ward the perpetrators{whom their true intents r in question} and also will open the door in2 new/more strict legislations stretch from national security in2 emigrations laws….thro many other laws…,
    and as we all know fear mongering is a weapon that governments resort 2 pass their own agenda! it’l effect us 1 way or another…

    regards 2 ur person,,,,

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