The Chilcot inquiry.

…Is just like all the other inquiries, it will be neither truthful nor factual. The criminals in charge of what is described as our democracy have needed so much time concocting the Chilcot inquiry fairytale and yet they appear to need more, probably to try to make use of the ‘forget’ factor. These tactics have been used so many times before and the announcement by the BBC of the delay only reaffirms how the ‘ruling classes’ have everything covered, including the media. The headlines, when they do appear in our news media will of course highlight the very small errors and ignore the fact that Blair and his cronies told the security and intelligence services exactly what sort of report was required of them. It wasn’t as elaborate as Colin Powell’s fictional masterpiece when he performed for the UN, but then again that would take some beating. All that was missing was the dramatic musical score. Our news agencies lapped it up.

Not that there is much dispute about the compliance and indeed helpfulness of the mainstream media in shaping public opinion. Joseph Goebbels would surely smile with admiration watching how the masses are fooled by so few.


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