Dear Mr Boehner.

I don’t know if any of your fellow American citizens have mentioned this but you are supposed to work in the best interests of the people in the democratic system you represent. If you worked for General Electrics would you try to improve the working conditions of Haliburton employees and increase profit for their shareholders? I would hope not, so why are you trying to promote the Israeli nation and in particular Benjamin Netanyahu?

Have you done such a good job that the people of the US are all living in fine conditions without a care in the world? If I were to be harsh, I might call you a traitor. In fact, that word is the best way I can think to describe you. So, stop worrying about Israel and try worrying about the constituents of your mother country. The starving and unrepresented, the poor and the uneducated. Your country already bankrolls Israel, I really can’t see the need to promote their racist behaviour towards Palestinians using a war criminal such as Netanyahu.


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