One comment on “The Holocaust.

  1. regards,,,,

    somehow i recalled the diary of “ilan ramon” and how it was symbolized in2 a mini holocaust-y resurrection!
    in 2003, the space shuttle columbia which was carrying the israeli astronaut along with 6others collapsed and fragmented after a 16day mission due 2 the re-entry impact with the earth atmosphere,
    ilan journaled his mission in a diary gifted 2 him by yad vashem’s museum director along with several items related 2/souvenirs from the holocaust that were chosen 2 accompany him in this historic achievement 4 the jewish “race”/1st mission 4 an israeli astronaut
    later-on after arranging lots of search missions 2 gather the remain debris of the shuttle thro miles and miles of lands thro 3states and after 2months{THE DIARY~wut left of it,37 2 be exact} were found near a town called {PALESTINE,texas}
    ….that year 2003 was the 37th year 2 mark the victorious 67war!
    ….the velocity/speed of the shuttle falling down was also “”37MILES”
    ….how vulnerable is a paper when its exposed 2 a candle light? can u imagine the flames/heat that generated from that explosion? ,…yet the papers were crumbled/white as new/wet! restorable 2 a high degree! in texas{1 of the hottest states in the US!} ,…so even if we assumed it was burned then frozen by the fallout, it”d be unfrozen again the millisecond it hit the inner earthy atmosphere, no?
    thats lots of fatal elements 2 overcome and 2 defy 4 a paperbook! :~d they should make a pixar movie about the story of a brave journal :} cuz it seems mighty 2 me cuz none of the paper material from the shuttle and other than that was found!
    while typing my reply i read that its not rare 4 fragile items 2 survive when aircrafts disasters occur{airplanes}{like a man jumping from a plane wearing a parachute ~fall freely~} if fire didnt caught it directly but i believe the point of impact was much higher in the atmosphere layers 4 it 2 fall freely without turning in2 nothingness!

    my point is :}
    the story is holding a packed story-line with a meaningful religious and patriotic sentiments mixed with charged holiness emotions,…
    its an attempt 2 restore the godly promise and 2 devote a narrative ; that a falling diary with jewish prayers in it from above, beside a town called {palestine} was a godly massage,…
    the journal was supposed 2 be ignited and burned but it survived just the same as jews survived the nazi champers, no?

    this is pure ingenious of enlisting an event 2 serve the legend ,,,a zionist project that cant go on unless it got blended in2 myths and 1 of those myths is the “holocaust” which was used as a drive 4 creating “israel” as a refuge from the unbearable cruelty of the world{anti-semitism}
    the holocaust is not just an event, its a standard 4 the absolute wickedness and thats how “yad vashem” museum identify itself “a heritage 4 every civilized human”
    and this is how they roll :}
    their purpose is 2 impose the acceptance of israel in the minds of the coming generations thro a tragedy{i’m not a denier nor a believer~i believe it happened 2 an extent 2 a minority that was apposing the creation of israel/poor/weak jews and i do believe hitler was a psychopath proxy 4 the zionists as much as ISIS is} ^^
    the holocaust identify itself/created the illusion that it isnt 1 massacre amongst the massacres! its the ultimate high on the scale of atrocities~it was created 2 be the highest standard which u can measure by, but never reach!
    even the palestinian catastrophe by the historians/holocaust standards NOT A MATCH! its a minor event when u measure it at that scale!
    only when u do such comparisons, u unfold the real reason wy it occurred and wy wut happen in palestine on daily bases dont shake the grounds beneath those jews cuz they’r successfully playing the martyrdom/sympathy card better than any1 else!
    petty thieves!

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