The Holocaust.

BBC news was today dominated by the 70th anniversary of the Russian liberation of Auschwitz. Well actually, it’s the eve of the liberation of Auschwitz. Today’s 10 minute segments on the BBC will surely be magnified tomorrow. Not that I’m denying anything of course… The horror of war is the same for everybody, not just a select few who consider their misery to be much worse than anyone else’s.

The torture inflicted on the Palestinians is in some ways much more vicious. From the people who claim that Hitler wanted to remove them from the world to be treating people with such disregard  is bad enough. To be doing it for more than 60 years is not an error, it is a deliberate attempt to ethnically cleanse the Arabs from what they believe is their biblical home. The claim is not legitimate and the ‘return to Israel’ isn’t religiously driven anyhow, many orthodox Jews completely reject the notion

It’s quite simple, Israeli Jews arrogantly consider Palestine to be their home and don’t care that the mass removal of the indigenous people had to be initiated to allow them to move in.

Now, back to the Holocaust. Logically, people who had suffered such treatment from Hitler could be reasonably expected to shout ‘never again’.  Unfortunately, they don’t mean ‘never again’ for the rest of the world ,just themselves.

Crying Jews on TV is an insult to Palestinians. The hypocrisy of denouncing their own treatment at the hands of the Nazis and yet killing, stealing land as well as imprisoning Palestinians of all ages doesn’t go unnoticed. Can’t they see the similarities?

The Palestinians are suffering slow suffocation, water deprivation, economical strangulation as well as not being allowed to pursue a reasonable standard of education. It could be argued that at least many of the incarcerated Jews were allegedly killed relatively quickly, the Palestinians are being tortured for over 6 decades already.

So, maybe if the slaughter and imprisonment of the Palestinians were to stop, Israel would be much more secure. On the other hand could you forgive and forget 60 plus years of mistreatment without not wanting revenge?

One thought on “The Holocaust.

  1. regards,,,,

    somehow i recalled the diary of “ilan ramon” and how it was symbolized in2 a mini holocaust-y resurrection!
    in 2003, the space shuttle columbia which was carrying the israeli astronaut along with 6others collapsed and fragmented after a 16day mission due 2 the re-entry impact with the earth atmosphere,
    ilan journaled his mission in a diary gifted 2 him by yad vashem’s museum director along with several items related 2/souvenirs from the holocaust that were chosen 2 accompany him in this historic achievement 4 the jewish “race”/1st mission 4 an israeli astronaut
    later-on after arranging lots of search missions 2 gather the remain debris of the shuttle thro miles and miles of lands thro 3states and after 2months{THE DIARY~wut left of it,37 2 be exact} were found near a town called {PALESTINE,texas}
    ….that year 2003 was the 37th year 2 mark the victorious 67war!
    ….the velocity/speed of the shuttle falling down was also “”37MILES”
    ….how vulnerable is a paper when its exposed 2 a candle light? can u imagine the flames/heat that generated from that explosion? ,…yet the papers were crumbled/white as new/wet! restorable 2 a high degree! in texas{1 of the hottest states in the US!} ,…so even if we assumed it was burned then frozen by the fallout, it”d be unfrozen again the millisecond it hit the inner earthy atmosphere, no?
    thats lots of fatal elements 2 overcome and 2 defy 4 a paperbook! :~d they should make a pixar movie about the story of a brave journal :} cuz it seems mighty 2 me cuz none of the paper material from the shuttle and other than that was found!
    while typing my reply i read that its not rare 4 fragile items 2 survive when aircrafts disasters occur{airplanes}{like a man jumping from a plane wearing a parachute ~fall freely~} if fire didnt caught it directly but i believe the point of impact was much higher in the atmosphere layers 4 it 2 fall freely without turning in2 nothingness!

    my point is :}
    the story is holding a packed story-line with a meaningful religious and patriotic sentiments mixed with charged holiness emotions,…
    its an attempt 2 restore the godly promise and 2 devote a narrative ; that a falling diary with jewish prayers in it from above, beside a town called {palestine} was a godly massage,…
    the journal was supposed 2 be ignited and burned but it survived just the same as jews survived the nazi champers, no?

    this is pure ingenious of enlisting an event 2 serve the legend ,,,a zionist project that cant go on unless it got blended in2 myths and 1 of those myths is the “holocaust” which was used as a drive 4 creating “israel” as a refuge from the unbearable cruelty of the world{anti-semitism}
    the holocaust is not just an event, its a standard 4 the absolute wickedness and thats how “yad vashem” museum identify itself “a heritage 4 every civilized human”
    and this is how they roll :}
    their purpose is 2 impose the acceptance of israel in the minds of the coming generations thro a tragedy{i’m not a denier nor a believer~i believe it happened 2 an extent 2 a minority that was apposing the creation of israel/poor/weak jews and i do believe hitler was a psychopath proxy 4 the zionists as much as ISIS is} ^^
    the holocaust identify itself/created the illusion that it isnt 1 massacre amongst the massacres! its the ultimate high on the scale of atrocities~it was created 2 be the highest standard which u can measure by, but never reach!
    even the palestinian catastrophe by the historians/holocaust standards NOT A MATCH! its a minor event when u measure it at that scale!
    only when u do such comparisons, u unfold the real reason wy it occurred and wy wut happen in palestine on daily bases dont shake the grounds beneath those jews cuz they’r successfully playing the martyrdom/sympathy card better than any1 else!
    petty thieves!

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