Decent human beings…..

…Don’t only think of themselves, they try to empathise and even help those they believe to be in need of aid. The best way the Jewish population could commemorate the crimes committed before and during the second world war would be to consider the circumstances of the less well off.

Perhaps they could think about the Gaza siege that makes the Warsaw ghetto siege appear a minor inconvenience. Maybe Israelis could take a look at the destruction of Gaza using the cameras from their many drones …The ones that apparently managed to target the homes of innocent Palestinians who then returned to a mound of rubble.

I’m tired of the victims of a decades old crime ramming it down my throat annually, via the extremely helpful mass media. The journalists don’t have to look too hard to find misery happening today and ongoing. I have to wonder why they can’t see the blindingly obvious.

The water and sewage problems that the people of Gaza are suffering now that could be partially fixed by the Israeli authorities within days if they allowed replacement parts in to the besieged region. Do these services constitute a security threat? We already know that concrete is a security threat, because Israel has already prohibited it’s entry. How convenient that it should be banned prior to a the assault on Gaza that destroyed 18,000 homes, the ones presumably wrongly targeted by the drones.. The Israelis claim to be world leaders in technology ….. 18,000 mistakes says a different story.

Auschwitz must be straining under the weight of visitors these last few days, maybe some people should take some blankets to Gaza to make a real difference instead of claiming they are the only people throughout history who have suffered a catastrophe. Israel is described as the Jewish state, the condemnation by Jews outside Israel is long overdue. Perhaps they are too busy planning next years Holocaust remembrance.


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