Mosque ablaze overnight in Bethlehem.

Israeli settlers were the culprits, it seems. More news from the region: Israeli electricity company cuts of Nablus and Jenin over unpaid debts. Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers and fishermen. 40% rise in new settlements recorded in 2014. Autopsy shows young Palestinian man was shot at short range. These are all headlines from … Continue reading Mosque ablaze overnight in Bethlehem.


Lee Johnson…..

Lee Johnson...Has absolutely nothing to do with politics, human rights, or indeed Palestine but he was Oldham Athletic's manager, until today. He's now moved on to the lofty heights of Barnsley F.C.  I'm no snob but Mr Johnson, Barnsley? The Yorkshire mining town (actually they don't do much coal mining now) isn't very inspiring. Their … Continue reading Lee Johnson…..

A perfect example of British politics, Rifkind and Straw.

This is what happens when people bother to vote. We simply give these parasites credibility by turning out at the ballot box. The sting team which trapped this pair of frauds couldn't have chosen better examples to highlight all that is wrong with the sham we call democracy. Straw was a senior member of Tony … Continue reading A perfect example of British politics, Rifkind and Straw.

Congress: The Netanyahu speech.

The treasonous invitation by John Boehner to the odious Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu is not looking such a good idea now. The invite seems to have opened many American eyes to the perception (at least) that the US Senators aren't focussed on domestic issues but on trying to further Netanyahu's political career in the forthcoming … Continue reading Congress: The Netanyahu speech.

UK elections: Don’t waste your time voting….

Don't waste your time voting in the upcoming UK elections, it's a pointless exercise. Many years ago, I believe there was serious political and ideological policy differences between the Conservative and Labour parties but it becomes increasingly obvious none exist now. In particular, since the election in 1997 of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair the choice of either … Continue reading UK elections: Don’t waste your time voting….