Jordan & ISIS.

To burn any living entity alive is abhorrent. No surprises from ISIS in doing exactly that to a Jordanian Air pilot who had been dropping bombs on them. It’s been rumoured Jordan has facilitated training for Syrian rebels. If that were the case, the irony is palpable. ISIS are designed to implicate Islam as a despicable religion, the problem for them is that they are becoming so ridiculous they risk exposing themselves as frauds. Make no mistakes, that is what they are…Flagrant con-artists that do Israel’s dirty work for them. ISIS are a sick joke.

The fact that they don’t attack Israel and that they actually receive assistance from them gives the game away. Israel has managed to make Assad the bogey man of the region so that they can continue to kill Palestinians and steal their land (and resources). Al Bagdhadi or whatever name he gives himself is the leader of an Israel friendly group of thugs who clearly don’t give the beleaguered Palestinians a second thought. If there is a justifiable cause in the world to fight, it’s the Israeli theft of land and murder of the real Palestinians and yet ISIS or more accurately Al Nusra have become the Israeli’s proxy army in the Golan heights, being defended by Israeli strikes on Syrian forces and treated in their hospitals. I make no distinction between ISIS and Al Nusra, even though the mainstream media try to claim they are fighting each other. Neither have made any effort to alleviate the criminal conditions placed on Gaza in particular by Israel and neither made no effort to even distract Israel during last summers Palestinian slaughter.

Netanyahu condemns Hamas consistently and claims that they are terrorists, just like ISIS and Al Qaeda. So why do you treat their wounded and give them air cover, Mr Netanyahu? What fool would help associates or allies of their enemy? The Israeli leader is just as much of a fraud as his friends fighting against Syria and Iraq.

The Turkish leader Erdogan isn’t much better. He’s allowing the fools fighting for ISIS and their weapons to filter through it’s border without fear of detention.

Anyone who wants to fight for Al Bagdhadi is either stupid or criminal. It takes a real idiot to be taken in by these killers pretending to be Muslims. They aren’t, they are about as far removed from the average Muslim as you could find.

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