Jordanian response to the murder of their pilot by ISIS won’t change anything. In fact, the hurried execution of yet more people, despite their criminal actions doesn’t deter anyone. It’s been strongly rumoured that Jordan’s security forces helped train the very people that killed Lt Kasasbeh. If indeed that were the case, Jordanian intelligence services can only blame themselves for this debacle.

It seems that Syrian’s neighbours have been extremely helpful in assisting in the attempted removal of Assad. It’s been proved without doubt that the so called ‘Arab spring’ has been a complete and utter sham, and only the enemies or even unhelpful governments to the West have been affected. The countries that should have been targeted for a change of despotic government remained trouble free. Another coincidence is that the unaffected countries are friends of Israel. Not conspiracy ….Fact.

The evidence is as clear as day. ISIS  or Al Nusra (or their affiliates) haven’t even threatened Israel, never mind attacked them. Netanyahu regularly condemns them but it’s a ruse. Israel always needs an enemy but they prefer an enemy they can control. Initially, Israel supported Hamas when it was first created to weaken Fatah. It served it’s purpose but much to Israeli alarm, it then became more popular and uncontrollable. I’m not saying they pull Hamas strings now but there is no doubt it encouraged their creation to fragment the Palestinians.

The support of Turkey for the Syrian civil war has been far more important. The Syrian/Turkey border has been virtually open for ISIS/Syrian rebels to come and go as they please with their weapons. The chemical attack materials in Syria was probably brought through this border… Al Nusra members were caught trying to obtain chemicals to produce a variety of weapons in Turkey. The leader was a Syrian terrorist.

It’s been obvious ever since NATO helped remove Gadaffi that the Arab spring was a selective beast. All we need to do to find the likely agitators of Syrian unrest is by figuring out who would gain the most. Syria has been vitally important to Hezbollah’s defence of Lebanon and Israel have occupied southern regions until they were driven out …By Hezzbolah. Then there is the obvious connection to Iran and Israel are still trying to find a good enough reason to attack the Persians or get the US to do it for them. Turkey would initially benefit from a weakened and fragmented Syria but it could turn very messy. Turkeys border regions would be most in danger, however Erdogan’s Palace would be safe.

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