…Is everywhere. It’s conscious and it’s subconscious, it can be deliberate or it can be innocent but most of all, it’s illogical. The idea that like minded or similarly cultured people won’t do you harm but different types of people are more likely to do so, is at best a misguided philosophy. Crime statistics reveal that your own type of people (your relatives) are more likely to murder you than a stranger. Religious discrimination is no different. These anti-Semitic crime figures have been issued courtesy of the  CST and here is a quote from their web site:

CST (Community Security Trust) is proud of Britain’s diverse and vibrant Jewish community, and seeks to protect its many achievements from the external threats of bigotry, antisemitism and terrorism.

CST provides physical security, training and advice for the protection of British Jews. CST assists victims of antisemitism and monitors antisemitic activities and incidents. CST represents British Jewry to Police, Government and media on antisemitism and security.

CST believes that the fight against antisemitism and terrorism is an integral part of safeguarding our wider democratic British society against extremism and hatred.

The recent report by the Community Security Trust cataloguing the anti-Semitic attacks in the UK is supposed to shock people, in fact it has, with various politicians stating that the law must be changed to stop these vile attacks on Jews. I happen to think vile attacks on anyone should be stopped, not just the Jews. Since the crank ‘Jihadist’ impersonators have beheaded a British soldier who was, or might not have actually been a soldier and the armchair extremists became much more active by sneaking off to Syria or Iraq , through Turkey, Muslims have all been painted with the same brush. In other words, all potential terrorists.

I didn’t hear the prominent Jews (of which there are so many here) defend the vast majority of Muslims who were unfairly associated with the criminals that used their holy book out of context for their own decrepit fantasies. When ISIS are boasting of killing infidels and then using the remaining women as sex slaves, there must be a number of young males thinking, ‘I’ll have a bit of that’. Those that are easily led, the naive and downright stupid can be convinced their cause is just. Throughout history the gullible have been used by the psychopathic few to carry out heinous crimes. I have no solutions, I’m just saying that the overwhelming majority of Muslims absolutely reject the philosophy, ideology and depravity of ISIS.

In reading the CST report , there were 81 physical attacks on Jews. One of these attacks was described as extreme violence. I would imagine this means similar to the attack on George Galloway that was committed by Neil Masterson, (whilst wearing an IDF Tshirt) who converted to Judaism. Not one single condemnation came from any Jewish organisation and from what I read, many Jews actually agreed with Masterson’s actions. Back to the report.

Abusive behaviour accounted for over 75% of the reported incidents, here is an example of an incident:

A rabbi was in his vehicle when a pedestrian shouted, “Yiddo, Yiddo” at him.

This was deemed important enough to be quoted by the CST, so we must conclude it is one of the more serious abusive attacks.

I’m not trying to demean any discrimination but that kind of remark should be completely ignored and is by no stretch of the imagination anything more than puerile. If I were Jewish, I certainly wouldn’t be reporting it to the CST.

How about we now consider the similarities between the CST reported attacks with attacks on Palestinians by Jewish ‘settlers’ in and around the West Bank. Many aren’t investigated by the Jewish State and if they are, no action is taken. If the worst they had to endure was being taunted with ‘Arab, Arab’, I’m sure they would be delighted.

I’m simply trying to put this CST report in a real context by using the West Bank treatment of Arabs as a comparison. We don’t need to go that far away from the UK, George Galloway was the victim of an attack almost as brutal as the one single serious attack on Jews which is the most violent incident CST can provide.

Finding out who are the the CST trustees is not possible. The only thing I did find out was that they are supported and funded by the UK government. Michael Gove appears to have given them £2 million a couple of years ago. Gove is the UK version of a neocon and was a strong vocal supporter for military action in Syria.

‘I’ll always be a Zionist’ and ‘BDS is anti-Semitism’ are just two of his gems. He also described Israel as a ‘light unto nations’. Gove gave the £2 million to his friends, effectively. No conflicts of interest, I’m sure.

All in all, I believe CST have merely created a grossly exaggerated report with selective statistics that attempt to portray a far more hostile environment for Jews in the UK. It’s fear mongering to achieve political gain by a dubious, ‘innocently’ named group of pro-Israelis with the disguise of a legitimate minorities charity.


One thought on “Discrimination….

  1. agnostics, thats wut the isiaians and zinoists r!


    and i thought he was reprimanded~whipped many times 4 making political statements!
    i think religious statements fall under the same criteria of taboo’s 4 a royal 2 address in public?! especially when u’r talking about more than 2 and half millions of ur citizens{close 2 3millions} its a big slice of the british society despite their religion/color/origin….!
    ,…,he better stick 2 his charity gala’s,polo matches,james bond and movies receptions,tea and ascot parties and going down the slopes :}

    1 thing i’d like 2 comment at …how 4 weeks b4 george galloway’s appearance at question-time show , his opponents and haters were leading a vicious war against him…, but his words werent silenced and they’r the perfect answer 2 ur post ^^
    but on the other hand 4 some weeks now since the invitation bibi’s had from an aipac puppet 2 make an appearance at the congress, the israeli hasbara in usa been trying relentlessly 2 sweeten the attendees appetite! …i presume its an easy job when u hold all the pawns, plant many skeletons on those politicians closet’s 2 extort them by ….and dribble their political campaigns money$$$money 2 guarantee their seats!
    ,…,bibi wont have the same orchestrated out-burst/attack scene that george had while giving his speech! he’l be amongst friends and allies! at least inside the building and he’l be rushed under heavy security 2 his headquarters! :}

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