One comment on “Discrimination….

  1. agnostics, thats wut the isiaians and zinoists r!

    and i thought he was reprimanded~whipped many times 4 making political statements!
    i think religious statements fall under the same criteria of taboo’s 4 a royal 2 address in public?! especially when u’r talking about more than 2 and half millions of ur citizens{close 2 3millions} its a big slice of the british society despite their religion/color/origin….!
    ,…,he better stick 2 his charity gala’s,polo matches,james bond and movies receptions,tea and ascot parties and going down the slopes :}

    1 thing i’d like 2 comment at …how 4 weeks b4 george galloway’s appearance at question-time show , his opponents and haters were leading a vicious war against him…, but his words werent silenced and they’r the perfect answer 2 ur post ^^
    but on the other hand 4 some weeks now since the invitation bibi’s had from an aipac puppet 2 make an appearance at the congress, the israeli hasbara in usa been trying relentlessly 2 sweeten the attendees appetite! …i presume its an easy job when u hold all the pawns, plant many skeletons on those politicians closet’s 2 extort them by ….and dribble their political campaigns money$$$money 2 guarantee their seats!
    ,…,bibi wont have the same orchestrated out-burst/attack scene that george had while giving his speech! he’l be amongst friends and allies! at least inside the building and he’l be rushed under heavy security 2 his headquarters! :}

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