Congress: The Netanyahu speech.

The treasonous invitation by John Boehner to the odious Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu is not looking such a good idea now. The invite seems to have opened many American eyes to the perception (at least) that the US Senators aren’t focussed on domestic issues but on trying to further Netanyahu’s political career in the forthcoming Israeli elections.

Boehner obviously thought that because President Obama is unpopular with the electorate and that his political clout has been somewhat diminished, he was a sitting duck and couldn’t really do a lot in response to the Netanyahu invitation. Maybe he was right but what he didn’t consider was the US public’s reaction to such a flagrant insult to their democratically elected leader. Despite numerous appeals by extremist pro Israeli organisations to abort the speech, it looks like it will go ahead. This could be a serious mistake by the Israeli leader.

In recent polls, its suggested that the majority of Americans disagree with the the invite, I feel that once the speech goes ahead, there might be a backlash to Israeli influence in US politics. Quite rightly, people will ask questions about Netanyahu addressing their lawmakers yet again, even considering the very close US/Israeli relationship.

However, it’s the subject matter of the speech that might trigger a reality check for many Americans. Netanyahu will attempt to convince Americans that Iran is a serious threat to their security, he might even implore the US to attack Iran militarily. The truth is that Iran isn’t even a threat to Israel, never mind the US. Netanyahu will probably repeat the discredited ‘wipe Israel of the map’ accusation and despite his Israeli victim rhetoric with regards Iran, I predict a less than favourable response from the people, if not the media and fawning US Senators. The question is how many standing ovations will he get from your pitiful ‘Israeli first’ politicians.  Americans are about to find out which of their elected politicians really are US patriots.

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