A perfect example of British politics, Rifkind and Straw.

This is what happens when people bother to vote. We simply give these parasites credibility by turning out at the ballot box. The sting team which trapped this pair of frauds couldn’t have chosen better examples to highlight all that is wrong with the sham we call democracy.

Straw was a senior member of Tony Blair’s government that led us into the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Video footage of him with his American counterparts revealed a vain man who was clearly in his element, swanning around with Bush, Rice and Powell. Straw was proven to be a liar and being aware that the British security services were receiving information extracted from tortured prisoners by Craig Murray, the sacked British Ambassador. It’s become blindingly obvious since then that he lost his job because he wouldn’t stay quiet. So Straw wasn’t shy about ending a man’s career to stop the boat from rocking.

Rifkind is a cheer leader for Israel, only recently appealing for the British military to attack Syria, a conflict Israel would have welcomed our (and more importantly American) involvement. Fortunately, his appeals for more bloodshed using British armed forces was rejected by the majority of our elected representatives. This decision was instrumental in the Americans stepping back from striking Assad’s forces. Maybe he decided he needed another job at this point, with his influence in parliament ebbing away. Apparently, he was against the invasion of Iraq, I dare say that he will have had his own reasons for this. I don’t recall him being a dynamic member of the Conservative Party but notice his resume will mean he will have lots of options for employment after politics. I would imagine a weapons manufacturer will take him on, paying him vast amounts of money as pay back for contracts he dished out when he was the Defence Secretary. I will give him credit for supporting a Palestinian State, perhaps he could see the dead end that Israel were driving down.

I hope Straw pays a heavy price for his deeds. It will pale into insignificance compared to the horrors he’s inflicted on the people of Iraq.


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